How to increase the lifespan of CNC Machining?

Running a successful machine firm is not an easy task as you have to take care of many aspects. But some of the important aspects of running a machining firm may be overlooked as the other interesting aspects overshadow them. Well, CNC machine maintenance is one of those tasks that most machine shop owners find to be really boring but if the machine breaks down then it can cost thousands of dollars to the owner. 

Breakdown of CNC machining doesn’t only involve the repair cost but you might have to lose profit earned from the production as well. In such a situation, missed maintenance can be maddening, and therefore, in this blog post, we are going to discuss the best maintenance tips that you can use for keeping the CNC machining services in the right shape and size. 

Daily CNC machine maintenance 

If you want to keep your CNC machining tool out of the emergency room then you have to adopt a habit of daily CNC machine maintenance. You can’t expect your CNC machining to run smoothly while you deal with the maintenance part only once a month. The daily CNC machine is not only easy but requires less time as well. It includes some minor checks at the end of the day and this is what makes it easy to adopt and implement. 

You must check the fluids in the CNC machining on a daily basis as CNC machining services require additional fluids like hydraulic fluid and lube to perform smoothly. When you will start working daily with your machine then you will get an idea of how quickly the fluid replenishes from the system. If your machine starts using fluids at a higher rate then you should get it checked. If you are not sure about how to check the fluids then you can hire an expert as well. 

CNC machine maintenance

Greasing is another important part of CNC machine maintenance as grease is the only smooth operator that keeps every part of the machine grooving and moving. Not all the machine shops out there check the grease every day but according to the experts. You should check the greasing of every part of the CNC machines at least once a day. A quick shot at the greasing can help you in preventing drastic wear and tear in the machine. 

You also need to wipe down the surface for showing a little shine by cleaning away the shop grime. By including wiping of CNC machines on a daily basis. You can always keep the smaller metal shaving from building up in damage-prone areas. 

If you are well aware of the different parts of your CNC machine, then the best thing that you can do is to perform fine adjustments on the automatic tool changer. This is another simple maintenance tip that you can use even if you are aware only of the basics of CNC machines. This maintenance tip allows the tool changer to change tools flawlessly with no hang-ups or jams.  

The hydraulic system is another important part of the CNC machining services and you should never overlook it while taking care of the CNC machine. You should check the hydraulic system of the CNC machines at least once a month. The hydraulic system needs to be checked for any type of contamination and dirt. 

Taking care of the CNC machine is not rocket science as all that you have to do is perform daily checkups. But in order to perform these basic inspections, you have to get familiar with the different parts of CNC machines first.

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