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Latest Heated Towel Rails Technology to Keep Your Bathroom Warm

Stepping out of cold on a frosty morning and snuggled in a soft and warm towel to feel relaxed and comforted is what it intended these towel railings to offer. Not only do these rails provide you with heated towels, but they also allow you to have a sauna-like experience.

Heated Towel Rail–the need of every contemporary bathroom. The heated towel rails are an important part of every household. Without it, the bathroom will be uncomfortable and cold, making it difficult for us to have a shower or bath. Designing the bathroom of your dreams is not child’s play.

Heated Towel Rails

Even if you are planning for a renovation, ensuring that your dreams and inspirations don’t affect the functionality of the restroom. Because most of the washroom layouts you come across on the internet might not be working according to your lifestyle.

However, there are some features you can add to your space to experience that feeling of luxury you desire. No bathroom can offer you comfort and luxury unless it has fixtures like heated towel railings inside.

Doesn’t matter the size, shape, and style of your restroom, the towel railings come in a broad variety that matches your washroom theme. Still, it is significant that you know whether the type you select as per your needs.

Importance of Heated Towel Rails

In the contemporary washroom, the heated towel rails have many functions. The first one is offering a proper spot to keep your towel. It is true of many railings, whether heated or simple. We are particularly here talking about heated rail. So, that means it is a railing type that has added functionality to become warm-up. If you install it will serve at least three purposes.

  • The first purpose of installing is to keep your towel near you. So, when you get free from the bath or shower, you can quickly take what you need.
  • Besides that, it becomes warm as per your requirements, which means it can keep the towel dry and warm as well. So, you will not have to worry about having to dry the towel. Because you will have it every time you shower or bath with no worry.
  • Another important purpose of these is to keep your washroom warm and cosy. You can use the heating element to make it work as an independent heating radiator. That means you will no longer need to turn on the entire heating of the house in order to make the bathroom warm.
  • Many people don’t expect the towel rails as an important fixture that can play an important role in an overall aesthetics of the bathroom. In reality, you can install chrome or designer rails to

Types of Heated Towel Rails

Whenever you go out shopping for your washroom fittings or even home appliances, stay in thinking that functionality always comes first. Style should never be your priority. With that order in attention, here are the three kinds of heated railings for towel depending on the fitted radiator.

Central Heated Towel Rails

Almost every residential home in the UK has a kind of system to keep it warm. Which overlays the means for the radiators to have a connection with heated towel rails. The radiator only works near with it as both are attached. This makes it inconvenient for those who love warmth regardless of the season.

Electric Heated Towel Rails

This run-on electricity and are fitted with dual insulation for better safety. Meaning you won’t have to modify or alter your pipework network like in a central heated system. Electric radiators operate regardless of the type of heating you have allowing you to set the temperature of your washroom separately from the remainder of the house. These are best suited for those who prefer warm showers even in the other seasons

Dual Fuel Towel Rails

As the name suggests using both sectors of energy. It can operate them by electricity and a heating system letting you feel warm towels all year long. In winter, the works with the heating to warm up your towels alongside your home. Whereas in the seasons, the radiator consumes electric power and runs distinctively to heat up the towel.


These rails are a must-have accessory for contemporary bathroom suites. The luxury and comfort the warmth provide you are exemplary, not to mention the health benefits they provide. You can select the fixture that suits your lifestyle from the three distinct types mentioned above. And don’t worry about the style. As there are countless models available in the market to choose from.

Need Heated Towel Rails for Your Bathroom?

In this article, we have explained the ways to keep your washroom warm and towels with the help of heated towel rails. There are enormous choices in terms of style and functionality for both classic and contemporary bathrooms. It must base your choice on personal requirements and aesthetics. You can also visit Royal Bathrooms UK, website to get the best deals on all the fittings and fixtures you need. Although COVID-19 restrictions are relaxing throughout the UK, we still need to keep our guards up and ensure everyone around us has got their vaccination. Good Day!

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