Breast cancer treatment in India

Breast Cancer: Hormones play an eminent role in its development

There are innumerable types of diseases a person can go through. Aiding the diseases, there are many reasons why the specific disorder takes place in the human body. That one disease that has been creating havoc in many people’s lives is cancer. It is a disease that, when detected early yields a positive impact on the human body in terms of getting cured. Out of all types of cancer, breast cancer is one of the most common types that takes place amongst women and rarely men. The severity of this disease may affect a person’s entire strength, hence need immediate attention, if detected. Breast cancer treatment in India is done at many prominent hospitals which we will discuss further in this article.

The limitless or uncontrolled division of the cells in the breast region leads to breast cancer. It is very crucial to understand the symptoms meticulously, to go further with the treatment of this disease. Therefore, a person who is facing the symptoms should immediately seek medical assistance. A great fact here is that people from all over the world, like Nigeria, Utopia, Kenya, etc., seek medical help from India when it comes to curing breast cancer. This is primarily due to two reasons. The first reason is that medical treatment in India has developed manifolds in recent times. With the latest developments incoming in the field of medical sciences, it becomes easy for everybody to access one of the best treatment procedures in India. The other aspect is that treatment for breast cancer is cost-effective in this country.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

If you are someone who has a genetic history of breast cancer, or any type of cancer, then it is crucial to get the routine checkup done every once in a while. Meanwhile, listed below are some of the most prominent symptoms of breast cancer:

  1. A hard growth under the breast skin, which gives an impression of marble.
  2. A liquid discharge from the nipples – could be both red or white.
  3. Flaky skin around the nipples and breast region.
  4. A lump or ball of mass, which could be big or as small as the size of a pea, depending upon the growth of the tumour.
  5. Prominent redness around the breast region.
  6. A small lump in the underarms region. This could stay during the menstrual cycle.

So, the above-mentioned symptoms could cause havoc in a woman’s body and rarely in a man’s body. It is better to keep on checking your body parts for any such growth which may lead to cancer. If you find anything like that, then rush to the nearest medical help at the earliest.

Role of Hormones in Cancer cells

Breast cancer cure can be done through Hormone Replacement Theory for a reason. The reason for the situation is that the female hormone, Oestrogen plays a very big role in guiding the process of breast cancer. Many of us must be unaware of the fact, however, it is crucial to understand the process with utmost precision and then take steps accordingly. The risk of developing breast cancer takes a front seat when there is an excess stimulation or release of oestrogen in the female body. Therefore, this is the reason why one should keep checking all these parameters, to keep themselves healthy.

The time in a woman’s life, starting from puberty to menopause exposes them to enough Oestrogen. However, an early start of menstruation and late menopause could expose a female body to more levels of this hormone than usual. Even during pregnancy, a woman’s body receives enough Oestrogen stimulation. The cost of hormone therapy for breast cancer in India ranges between Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 60,000 per month depending on the patient’s ability to recover.

Should People from Kenya and Nigeria Choose India for Breast Cancer Treatment? 

It is surely a great option and a wise decision to visit India for any kind of medical treatment, even for breast cancer. Recent times have witnessed a massive development in medical procedures which could surely help a person recover faster and better. The HBG Medical Assistance is one such platform that provides great aid to people for various treatments and consultations. Find the best doctors here for any or every disease and recover from the same with the help of an expert team.

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