A Rogue 5E Guide For WoW-Best guidebook 2021

There will undoubtedly be more things for you to do in Rogue 5e than what meets the eye. Also, some minor proficiency is open to you as a character, particularly in the stealth department. Some of the minor proficiencies that are available to you as a Rogue include:

Disarming Traps:

This is your key ability in Rogue 5e and probably one of your most useful assets. When you disarm a trap, you take off 50% of its recharge time. This means that it is a very useful ability and one that you should always have on your Rogue’s belt. Note that traps can also be sprung by you while sneaking and thus it is important for you to have a spare strap.

Blinding Powder:

Blinding powder is another rogue 5e proficiencies that are very useful. This helps you greatly when surprise attacked by someone who has the blind sense trait. The fact that this is a hidden ability means that it is a reliable talent to have on your Rogue at all times.

Multi-Hit Talents:

When you hit 5 enemies within a short amount of time, you gain the ability to Multi-Hit them. A good Rogue will use this ability to take down multiple opponents at once, especially when his hit points are low. Make sure you know what your opponent has that will Multi-Hit before taking a shot at it. The main thing here is to make sure you have enough rogue hit points to be able to do the burst damage and not get stunned or stuck in a rolling free-kick.

Hit Stagger:

A very powerful Rogues 5e ability that allows Rogues with higher levels to be nigh impossible to kill. When an enemy gets to lower hit points, you can put them on a timer where you can slowly kill them off. This is especially useful for higher-level rogues who really want to cause as much pain as possible without taking out their hit points too fast. A useful thing to know about rogues who use this is that their hit points will slowly refill while they are not moving.

Aunting Strike:

This rogue archetype is the most used in Aion and the Rogues are at the heart of this combat. With the ability to make quick attacks, the Aion Rogue can surprise its enemies. This allows the Rogue to quickly apply damage and also makes the Rogue very survivable. When playing this archetype, it is important to know how to best use your movement in combat. When the enemy is being attacked, always try to lead them into an ambush. Using the awkward height that the Rogue can reach, the Rogue can surprise his enemy by striking his opponent from behind.

An important part of this Rogue 5e Guide:

Sneaking around is an important part of this Rogue 5e Guide. Being able to sneak up on an enemy and then finishing them off with a barrage of attacks is a great way to take down opponents. The key to being a good Rogue player is using the appropriate abilities and talents at the right time, which allows you to avoid unnecessary damage taken. A good Rogue needs to be able to make use of their stealth to get the most out of their sneaking around abilities.


The rogue 5e is a flexible character that can become skilled in different ways. They have several builds that can be used both standing still and running. With the ability to pick three talent trees, the Rogue has an incredible amount of versatility. When playing a Rogue in Aion, your goal should be to create as much chaos as possible by using your stealth to sneak up on your enemies. A rogue with the proper expertise, a high-level combination of weapons, and the ability to operate three or four skills at a time will prove to be a deadly competitor in Aion Online.

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