Struggles That You Face While Moving In To a New City

Struggles That You Face While Moving In To a New City

Shifting to a new city is a mixed emotion of excitement as well as nervousness. Today with changes in lifestyles, people are relocating. There are various reasons for relocation such as job transfers, education, and many more. Shifting to a new place within the same city is relatively easier than shifting to a completely new city in a new state, so hire the best packers and movers in Bangalore.

The initial days of shifting will be seriously challenging for you. Today in this article you will come to know the struggles that one faces while moving to a new city. Do check out and prepare yourself for all the struggles that you are going to face during your house shift.

To find a perfect home

The primary struggle while shifting to a new place is finding the most suitable house for you. If you are getting accommodation from your employer, then your struggle might reduce. Options that you have to get a house for yourself can be anything. You can either go for an agent which can make this work easier for you.

Or you can do this on your own via different websites. Through this, you can directly communicate with the owner. No matter what means you are choosing just be aware and keep your eyes open. The struggle is to find a trustworthy medium.

Struggle while commuting 

Initially finding the transportation is a bit tough task for you. This is because you are unaware of the routes of the new place. Here too you need to deal with it smartly as there are chances that you may get exploited.

Even due to your accent it becomes easy for even auto drivers to identify that you are new in the city. So try to observe what others are paying or ask the fare with your colleagues and if the driver is asking for more amounts than deny. Use maps of the phone to make this easy.

Struggle with the food

Different cities have different delicacies. If you are new in the city then you will surely crave the food of your own city. Adjusting with the local cuisine may take a while for you.

When you are cooking at your house then this point can be managed, but if you are a regular outside eater it will be really struggling for you.

Unpacking the boxes

Another major struggle that comes while shifting to another city is that you need to unpack the boxes that you have packed from the old house. Unpacking is a real mess. Unpacking and rearranging can be really exhausting and time-consuming.

But if you want to make it hassle-free then hire good packers and movers Bangalore to Chennai. These days movers and packers also have the facility of unpacking and settling along with packing and transporting.

Searching for the house-help

The importance of house help is not hidden from any one of us. The internet is flooded with jokes and memes over the importance of house help. Finding a house help in a completely new city is an extremely challenging task.

In a city full of strangers and allowing someone to enter your house can be really dangerous. One wrong decision can risk the life of you and your family. Especially if you have a toddler in your house, you can’t take risks there. So it’s a major challenge.

Adapting and adjusting to the new environment

Our cities have their own spark. We are blessed with an enriching culture. Indeed, it’s still challenging to cope up with the new culture tradition, and language of that place. For example, If a North Indian got transferred to South India, it will be extremely challenging for him.

As the name and geography suggest, they both are completely opposite of each other. From language to food, everything is different. One needs to deal with this smartly.

Difficulty in getting the right school for children

If you are a parent and have changed the city due to a job transfer, then another challenge that you may face is finding the right school for your children. Take the help of neighbours or colleges in this too. This may help or take Google’s help.

Nostalgia or home-sickness

No matter if you shift to a new city which might be better than your previous one, you will certainly miss the old place. It’s everything that one misses, from old friends, neighbours to the favorite food.

This is most difficult for one who is shifting to a new place for the first time. Especially, the students who are shifting to a new city for higher education. They are not habitual of living without their families and they often feel nostalgic while leaving.


These were some challenges or struggles that one faces while moving to a completely new city. There is nothing that can’t be doing with patience and presence of mind. Observe and learn. Best of luck with your move.

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