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Open a profitable flowers shop with Hana Florist POS

Hana florist point of sale software is one of the best florist software that you will ever find. It has all the things that are need by anybody to open a flower shop. This software helps you set up and design your flower shop, design your events, promote your flowers, and overall benefits the growth of the business. The Hana florist POS is one of the most helpful florist software, and it provides all the necessary things required for setting up a flower shop. This software will save you time and will help you run your flower shop efficiently. Some of the most notable features that our POS provide are the following-

Accounts for customers

Hana florist software provides a specific performance for different users. Through this account, we can monitor the preference of flowers of the users and make bouquets according to their recommendations. If you are creating an account in our software, you would also get a 5% discount on the first purchase from our store. We are also providing home delivery to our regular customers at very affordable rates. Our software will also remind you about important dates such as a birthday or anniversary if you fill your details in your account correctly. We are going to bring more perks to our account holders soon. We can also help you in setting up a flower shop website design for your customers to visit and explore all your products.

Event management

Through the Hana florist point of sale software, you can contact the best event managers to decorate events such as weddings or birthdays. Our software has one of the broadest range of event managers in various price ranges. Our event managers will help you decide the decoration and other necessities of the event, such as food or lighting. If you are an account holder in the software, you can also take the suggestions of our event managers free of cost and take ideas from the hundreds of events that we have managed in the past. Though the help of our event management team, you can make your event a grand success. The florist website design we build for your business will give your customers the ease to access your products at any time they want and help them buy their favorite products.

Flexible payment system

The Hana florist point of sale software provides one of the most flexible and easy payment systems. Our software accepts all kinds of credit cards. You can also pay in cash after the service. If you are an account holder, we also provide you the payment service after the completion of the event. We also offer various packages in various price ranges for our customers. The flexibility factor is one of the biggest perks of our software. Now you can open a portable flower shop without the fear of getting conned or denied of your money. Our software also has a robust security system that prevents any scam regarding money. Now we can also help you in building a florist ecommerce website from which your customers will directly be able to pay and purchase any of your listed products.


Any individual can set up their good flower shop with the Hana florist’s point of sale software.  We have already mentioned some major perks of our software. We also have numerous other features for people setting up new flower shops. We can guarantee that through this software, you can easily open your profitable flower shop.



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