Best Ways to Avoid Fraud Movers

Best Ways to Avoid Fraud Movers


Every industry is full of scammers and frauds. The moving industry is also not an exception to it. There are a lot of fraud-moving companies that are operational in the industry. These companies try to dupe the people with their scams.

Many companies charge very high prices for their services. The ignorant customers do not know about the right price. So, they agree to any price these scammers charge.

The truth is that many packers and movers quote random prices. These prices are not the actual prices the movers take for their services.

Apart from the hefty prices, these packers and movers also misplace or steal customers’ items.

It is important to avoid these scams to protect your belongings. Following are the tips to prevent the scams of these movers:-

Tips to Getting Rid of Moving Scam Companies

  • Choose IBA Approved Movers

The first problem every customer faces is to choose the trusted packer and movers. You need to do a lot of research to find the best movers as per your needs. Many of you ask your friends and acquaintances to hire a moving agency.

Under these circumstances, rely only on IBA-approved packers and movers. These movers are licensed to offer their moving services. Do not be afraid of hiring such companies. Such moving companies follow the best practices to offer professional services.

If you choose these firms, you will get a safe and convenient relocation service.

  • Accept Written Quotes

Hiring a mover on the basis of their quotes is a difficult task. There are many quotes to check before choosing the one. Sometimes, many relocation companies offer their services at low prices. But, later on, they increase their prices.

So, to prevent these kinds of things to happen to you, you require getting a quote in writing. If you do this, you will have strong proof of their quote.

  • Go for a Pre-Move Survey

Performing a pre-move survey is very essential. Most of the movers perform this survey. It helps you in knowing about the items that a person needs to relocate. The moving professionals get to know about the packing material and the final relocation cost in this survey.

  • Don’t Pay Cash

Another tip to avoid the scams of packers and movers is to avoid paying the cash in advance. Many people still use the cash while paying to the packers and movers.

The best thing to do is prefer digital payments to pay your mover. If you pay their money in cash, they will run away with that. Also, sometimes, you don’t have a receipt of the cash payments. So, you don’t have proof of the money you are paying to the mover.

  • Visit their Websites

Another tip to think about before choosing the packers and movers is to go through their sites. Once you visit their site, you will know a lot about them.

It is important to check their address and phone numbers before you hire them. There are plenty of companies that don’t have any addresses or numbers. These companies are fraud and have a single aim of getting more and more money from the customers.

They pretend to be the leading companies. But, in reality, they turn out to be a fraudulent company. They cheat the people and loot their money.

  • Go through Reviews

If you want to check a company, look out for any negative reviews of that company. Check goggle reviews or the ones that are posted on the sites. These reviews explain valuable information about the companies and their way of working.

If you find negative reviews for a company, do not proceed to hire its professionals. They are fraud people and do not have any proficiency in the moving task.

  • Don’t Fall For a Low Price

This is one of the common tips to avoid choosing a fraud moving service.

People are always ready to hire a moving agency at considerable rates. So, they fall prey to the frauds of the moving companies. Due to their low prices, they choose the companies that offer the worst moving services.

Later they regret their decision. So, connect only with the best packers and movers in Delhi.

  • Inferior Quality of Materials

Generally, the fraud movers and packers use low-quality packing materials to pack your products. They always look for reducing their moving costs by using substandard quality packing materials.

These are the best strategies to dupe the customers. But, there is much risk of damage to your goods. So, look for the movers who are offering high-quality packing materials and supplies to you.

  • Duplicate Brand Names

A lot of packers and movers use the names of famous companies. They do this to attract the attention of the customers. The names of these companies are familiar to everyone. So, these companies get successful in cheating the people.

You can also talk to your friends to know about the fraud movers in your locality. They will recommend you the best ones.

  • Door to Door Service

Most of the reliable movers provide door-to-door moving services to their customers. But many fraud movers do not mention this service while talking to the customers. Due to this, the customers manage other transportation from the highway to their house. They also charge random prices to take your stuff to your house.

Hence, they dupe the customers by charging absurd prices for their services.

  • Hidden Prices

Many movers don’t mention the hidden charges in their quotes. It makes the people confused over hiring a packers and movers company.

So, it is very important to hire the movers after considering any of their hidden charges. Sometimes, the people pay extra prices for getting shifting services from a moving agency.

  • Identify Your Rights

It is also important on your part to know your rights. This is another best tip to stay away from a fraud mover.

These rights will help you when you are in a dangerous situation.

If your goods are stolen and damaged, you can claim your insurance. But for that, you need to know the procedure of claiming insurance. Once you know this procedure, it is easy for you to claim your damages.


You need to be extra careful in choosing your movers.  Follow the above tips to save yourself from choosing the fraud movers.

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