3M 1860 Vs.1870: Which One Is Better?

The N95 Mask is a particular type of surgical mask with the highest protection level. 3m 1860 small and 1870 are two models of n95 industrialized by 3M mask. Moreover, this mask was originated by the Bureau of Mines and NIOSH and set the standard for single-use respirators. According to that, ordinary 3M first developed N95 dust gasmask. However, in 1972, these 3M used the melt blowing technique shaped several decades before. It is like the crossbows of ready-made band and bra cups.

The 3M includes the expertise and grafts positive and negative controls in the respirator fabrics. These charges can appeal to particles like dust and virus, diseases and trap them to die. CDC commends using an n95 superiority mask to stop inhalation of any airborne infectious elements, including SARS, Tuberculosis, and Ebola.

Nowadays, The 3M Respirators and Surgical Masks 1860/the 1860S and 1870 are beneficial for use as a surgical mask by the FDA. They offer more significant than 99% microbial filtration competence against wearer-generated elements. They are also fluid resilient to help decrease acquaintance to blood and body fluids. When worn correctly and in combination with protective eyewear, they can benefit the facility with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Average.

The 3m 1860 small and 1870 are two surgical masks extensively used by the health care benefactor, doctor, and nanny to separate themselves from and breathing particles from the interaction of an infected patient. 1860 and 1870 are two diverse of different shapes. But which one to use for the protection? Which mask is more reliable and appropriate to use? Here are some of the alterations and similarities of these masks. Also, here are some of the factor that makes one masks more superior than other masks.

How effective were these 1860 and 1870 in the closely settled zone?

These masks help prevent direct contact from the disease; however, these masks cannot stand alone and alone are not that effective in protecting you against breathing infection. It is why the doctor uses an eye goggle and other PEP kits to save themselves as they deal with these deadly viruses daily.

Many of these masks are used as a face shield over the cover to protect to mask from infection. You can do this to prevent the hassle of changing the mask occasionally. If the disease is all around, you can no more depend on the N95 mask. Also, it is for fair and conventional use.

3M 1860 Vs.1870

Difference between 1860 & 1870

1860 type is circular, and round shape mask and this cup shape mask helps in the perfect fitting. It covers most human faces and doesn’t let the harmful air particles pass in the nose and mouth with the inhaled air. The ideal 1860 has a braided ease strap that makes a good touch on the cheek. These features in not accessible in the 1870 type. 3M comprise a container or filter with the 1860 but not in the 1870 model.

By use, ease, and suitability, N95 1860 is the marketplace leader that has no doubt. Health care employees are less likely to be seen wearing 1870. It helps prevent the air particle and airborne from passing through the eye, so an eye protector stare. 1860 is vertically varied sufficient to reach the goggle and cover-up from eye to chin. Also, 1860 keeps a gap with the eye shield. Moreover, only the 1860 mask is beneficial to use in a covid19 pandemic because it is fluid-resistant. Therefore, NIOSH approved the filter of 1860 as n95, which is not similar to the 1870 mask.

Common Features

Despite these differences, the 3m 1860 small and 1870 share some standard features. Here are the typical features of these masks, making them essential for the covid-19 situation.

  • Both 1860 and 1870 are comfortable to wear as they comprise nose foam that feels cozy for the nose and doesn’t irritate the skin.
  • They have FDA clearance for use widely.
  • Both of them include progressive electrostatic media that subsidizes trapping foreign particles and neutralizing them.
  • These masks are flame resistant.
  • These face masks have Bacterial Filtration Efficiency conferring to ASTM F2101.
  • They both have a headband that supports the mask to tie on the head, avoiding the ear.
  • They are both liquid resilient, and so fluid background can go through them.
  • Several chemicals absorb the filters used in them to make them counter to living particles.

Some reported the following drawbacks.

  • They are not easier to breathe (both 1860 and 1870)
  • They are not appropriate for long-term purposes as more extended wearing can cause line marks on the face.
  • Some health caretakers reported a lack of oxygen on wearing them.
  • If you wear N95 1860 and 1870 for a long time causes a foul odor on the inner side of the face mask, and the individual inhales that foul odor.

What is a better N95 mask?

The above information shows that both the masks are practical, and the 1870 type of N95 provides more excellent protection. On the other hand, the 1860 type mask has been sub-categorized through people and organizations selected to use the 1860 type. They have found this more reason to feel confident. In our lab, we approved both of them through some fluid tests comprising some particles. Both tests show that both 1860 and 1870 have the same filtration capacity and excellent filtration.  Also, the use of masks differs from place to place. If you are directly coming in contact with the virus, then higher protection is required, and if not, then a standard surgical mask is a reliable option.

Health consultants or doctors also use a 2042F Triple-layer shaped mask. They use this when they directly contact the disease or the virus and work with the known bacterial issue. The 2042F has equal to or more than 98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency, making it a highly reliable and safe face mask compared t another mask. Out of three, its middle layer is proficient in trapping elements or dust in the air. If your situation is like that, you can ponder using this too.

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