home cozy during the winter

What changes are needed to make the home cozy during the winter ?

As winter is approaching fast every home keeper is busy in some essential changes according to the changing weather. It’s not like that you have to just put on an only a jacket, sweaters to keep you warm but you also need to make some changes to the decor of your home to make it a little cosy and warm. The Winter season is not that much longer than the summer season so people don’t bother to change too much but mostly they try to just put on extra staff to make themselves feel warmed. So you must have a space in the house to hibernate yourself when there is snow and cold outside. Interior Fit Out Dubai have the most experienced staff to help you in this regard but if you want to do it by yourself then here are some of the simple tips to make you feel warm during this winter season.

Layered texture:

The layered texture is like that you have to just put on extra stuff as you wear on yourself. You can use extra blankets, any unused quilt or some heavy stuff to cover the sofas or beds of the room as these are the most used essentials. Other ideas are to put on velvet or silk covers to give a glossy look and you can choose texture and colour according to the decor of your room. Fur is the most suitable item as it can add quick warmth to your living room as per the prevailing winter weather. The throws and cushions with the same stuff can also be used to make anyone cosy within no time.

Using Rugs:

Another good idea is to use rugs and carpets of various designs and colours to make your room warm. Sometimes the room or the required area is too much large. And people find it not so good to use different rugs but this is a very unique idea. For create a multicolored blend by using different rugs and carpets. Also if your chosen rug is not enough to make the room warm. You use layered rugs one on the other. But this is a must idea to use rugs as it’s not possible to walk on the bare floor as it can be very cold for kids to walk on so you have to just use these in living, kids room, kitchen or anywhere else in the home.

Use fireplace:

Fireplace during the winter season is a must. Because it add quick warmth to the house or any place it is used. These days fireplaces with artificial heaters inside them are used because they create no smoke and are eco- friendly items. Some people also use wooden fireplaces they are also good to keep in the house you  enjoy while reading a book or having a cup of tea. Portable fireplaces are also best to add warmth, cosines and elegance to the space. And you place them anywhere when needed in any corner of the house.

Use soft furnishings:

Soft furnishings means that using soft cushions, throws, pillows and other items like blankets. The wool, velvet or silk can be used as the cover fabric for all these and the stuff & colour of the fabric according to the decor of the room. These all can be placed in layered schemes or just on the floor as bedding to have a cosy feeling. The blankets or quilts can be wrapped around you when feeling too cold. You can also put draperies as they are another good option because they are a quick solution for warming rooms.

Winter plants and scents:

Winter related plants and scents also another best option.  Also considered during winters to feel a warm ambience. The lavender fragrances  help to feel good and refreshed during cold days. And nights and the alpine forest aromas will make you feel like. As you are visiting or living in a tropical forest. The snake plants can help to purify the air around you and will make the environment sustainable. So these aromas and scents can also help you to feel cosy and warmed up by just applying a little bit.

Warming colours:

Another best idea is to use warming colours that make you feel bright and hot. These may include burnt orange, yellow, mustard, red or another bright colour. Try to use these colours in your decor and soft furnishing ideas. And just check out their impact on your mood. If you want to use neutral or light colours then you can make a blend with these colours to give a mixed- up look.

Drapes & lightings:

Drapes also added to lower the effect of winters or cold weather outside as they are heavy than the normal curtains. Use thick drapers as compared to the summer. And try to use the curtains that are above the floor to avoid any dust particles. The fabric of the drapers can be chosen accordingly. Add up some extra lightings as table lamps lanterns. Or other kinds of lightings to brighten up the spaces of the home that are usually dark.


These can be some of the simple ideas to consider while making your home cosy and warm during the winters. If you have a creative mind and have plenty of extra time then you can do it yourself but you can also hire any specialist from interior design consultancy Dubai to help you out with this all.

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