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Make Your Own Custom Donut Boxes With These 5 Steps

Custom donut boxes are the need of bakeries and home-based bakers. Some of them want to make them at their home due to different reasons. You need proper guidance and some tips and tricks to make them exceptional. Before you go for customizations, let us discuss some basic steps in this regard. Difficulty in making them depends upon which style of package you choose. Follow these simple steps that are crucial for getting exceptional donut packages.

Gather all the materials

Gathering all the materials required to make donut boxes in Brisbane is the first step in this process. Here the first thing you must choose is the quality and type of stock. Cardboard stock is the best. You can also opt for Kraft stock with good thickness. We will show you the packaging made with Kraft paper in this article. It is not just the stock you must choose.

Many other materials are necessary to prepare at this stage. Gather high-standard tape and glue. It is also essential to arrange a scissor and cutter before you move to the next stage. Getting your markers, scales, printers ready is also beneficial. If you don’t get these things ready at this stage, they will be a big hurdle later. It will save your time later if you prepare all the necessary tools and materials at this stage.

Determine the size, style, and shape

Determining the right size, style, and shape for donut boxes Sydney is the second step you must follow. It is linked with every coming stage in the process. First of all, let us discuss the significance of size here. It depends upon the size and quantity of your item. In the case you want to place multiple products in a single package, dividers are beneficial. If you don’t choose dividers, you can leave some spaces between the products. We have chosen a square box with 7X7 inches in length and width and 4 inches of depth. Choosing style for your packaging is also a crucial part of this stage. We are going to have a foldable lid packaging with magnetic closure. It is a premium one that can help you impress people. You need a magnet and an iron plate in addition to materials gathered in the first step.

Draw or print lines

It is the first functional stage in the process of making a donut box in Melbourne. You can get different templates from the internet to draw on the Kraft sheet. Yes, you are going to make it from a single sheet of Kraft paper. Doing this is possible in two ways. One is to draw the lines manually on the sheet. For this purpose, you need a ruler and a marker. But if you don’t want to draw them manually, download a template from the internet with the exact dimensions you need. If you choose a simple style, you will easily get the templates.

Our style is among the most common ones. But still, we will draw the lines manually. Draw a square having 7 inches length and 7 inches width. Then draw a square 4 inches away from the boundary of the first one. Both of them must have the same center.

A minor difference can lead to failure in the next phases. Draw perpendicular lines from the edges of smaller squares that touch the larger one on two sides. It will leave you small squares on the edges. Then pick any side of the large square and draw a separate rectangle of 7.05 X 7.05 inches. It is going to be the lid of the packaging. Draw rectangles adjacent to its edges with 7.05 in length and 1.2 inches in width. We are ready to move to the next stage.

Cutting and folding

This step is all about cutting and folding the Kraft sheet for making your donut boxes in Melbourne. Cut the sheet from lines outside the large square. Then cut the small squares on the edges as well. You will be left with a sheet having basic structural lines. Fold the side walls having 7 inches in length and 4 inches in width to 90 degrees. You will have a side having an extra part of 7.05 x 7.05 inches square and some rectangles. It will have some edges on adjacent sides as well. Fold all of them appropriately. Don’t let the fold get out of shape, as you have sharp lines for guidance.

Fix the folds

It is the final stage in the entire process of making your donut boxes in Australia. Now you have an unfixed structure of your package. Fix it with tapes. It is essential to tape every corner. Leave the front side of the lid with a flap as it is going to have a magnet. After you have done it, gluing is essential to provide basic strength.

In this stage, you will add the magnet to the package. In the exact middle of the front flap, fix the magnet inside it with the glue. It is beneficial to glue Kraft paper on this magnet to make it look appropriate. Place the iron plate on the position of the front wall, where the magnet on the flap will make contact. Laminate it by gluing a small piece of Kraft paper on it. After drying, remove all the tapes. Your packaging is ready. Your custom donuts in Melbourne will look fascinating when packed inside these custom packages.

Many home-based bakers prefer to have custom donut boxes made by themselves. These custom packages are suitable to show the nature of home-baked donuts. The steps mentioned above can help you in making these packages as per your needs. Also, you can make changes in size, shape, and style.

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