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Tips to Prepare the House for Pest Control Treatment

Pests can be very troublesome. Sometimes, people resort to DIYs but when it stops working for them they seek help from pest control services. Most people don’t like to entertain pest management companies as they are worried about how to manage the house before and after the treatment. But when it comes to dealing with the pests such as termites, cockroaches, and mosquitoes, you don’t have many alternatives.

To treat the problem immediately, you can bring the pest exterminator to your house confidently as we have a few tips that can help you prepare the house for the action. It is not much but people often feel worried about it. Not anymore. Check out how to prepare your house before and after the pest treatment.

Areas to Checkout Before Pest Control Company Comes

Before you welcome the pest control management company to your house, there are several things that need to be dealt with. As your house is a myriad of a lot of things, you will have to maintain order before you can let the strangers come in. Items such as clothing, furniture, important documents, valuables, etc. should be taken care of. So, it is mandatory that you cover them well and store them away carefully. Just like that, there are other such things that you must take care of while getting the pest treatment done in the house.

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind while preparing the house for the visit from the pest control team. Taking these preventive measures will keep you and your family safe and create very few problems on the way. Let’s take a look at them.


When the Delhi NCR pest control team arrives at the location to treat it with toxic pesticides then it will be foolish to keep expensive and bulky furniture in their way. So, one must take care to remove such furniture, appliances, and other valuables out of their way. It will be best to keep them away from the walls, especially the corners.

As professionals start by spraying the pesticides in the corners and by the wall, having these items there can prove to be a hindrance. Moreover, there is a high chance for the items to get soiled and damaged in the process.

If you can remove all the items from their way, professionals will be able to work without any issues. Remove all the appliances and heavy items to another place if possible. Covering them with heavy cloth or plastic cover will also work. Especially furniture that need not be treated should be packed properly and kept in a safe place where you won’t spill or spray chemicals on them. This will make things easier after the treatment is done.

Clothes & Furniture

Several things in the house need to be kept covered while the pest treatment is going on. This list includes children’s toys, jewelry, clothes, accessories, make-up kit, etc. If you leave them be, later you will have a lot to deal with such as cleaning and keeping them safe. some of the items may turn out to be very sensitive and lose luster as soon as they come in touch with the chemicals. So, you need to take serious care of the items in the house, especially the clothes and furniture.

For heavy, expensive furniture you can cover them with plastic wraps while for clothes you can put them in a vacuum bag or cover them with a garbage bag. After wrapping them properly store them in the drawers and don’t forget to seal the gaps with the help of cello tapes. For this, you can also use masking tape as it will absorb the chemicals properly without allowing them to seep in.

Taking care of a few more things will help a lot, have a look.

  • Cover sofa, chairs, cushions, and tables using plastic or shrink wrap. Pull them to someplace safe and use a rough cloth sheet to cover them well.
  • Try removing covers from the bed, cushions, pillows. Cover the mattresses completely with plastic wrap. A shrink wrap will also do.
  • In case the house is getting treated with termite infestation chemicals. Empty the wooden furniture completely. Even the storage space needs to be cleared.
  • If the wardrobe is getting treated for pest infestation, then you will have to remove all the clothes and store them somewhere safe, away from the chemicals.

Kitchen & Dining Area

Some tips for the pest infestation treatment in Kitchen and dining place.

  • The garbage area should be kept clean.
  • Remove all the countertop items and that including all utensils, cups, cutlery, glasses, and all the food items, and store them away. If you are hiring pest control services, then will spray pesticides in the kitchen also, so you need to take care of the cleanliness of this place as well.
  • Small kitchen appliances that stay exposed should be removed from the kitchen. In case you are unable to shift them away, then ensure that they are wrapped carefully. For this, you can use a shrink wrap so that, not a sprinkle can escape the layer.
  • The water outlets of the taps and filter should be covered well. Even for this, you can use a plastic cover. After the treatment, ensure to leave the tap open for a few minutes to clean the outlet.
  • Keep the sink area clean and avoid dumping things inside the sink. The sink and the pipe area are sprayed thoroughly, so it is important that you keep this area clean.


These are some of the main areas that you need to prepare for pest control treatment. In case of any doubts and concerns, you should talk to the pest control services in Gurgaon. They will help in clearing your concerns in the best possible way. So, no more pest worries for you. Simply book pest control services today and deal with the nuisances without breaking a sweat.

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