Choose from a wide range of women’s underwear online

Lingerie for every situation

Lingerie has a decisive influence on whether you feel good during the day. This is especially true for underwear, which is the bottom layer of your clothing. Since bras and girdles , briefs and shirts lie directly on the body, skin-friendly materials are of great importance. Selected at the right size, they fit tightly without pressing.

In addition to underwear, we at underwear manufacturers also carry other items of laundry, including socks and tights. Both fine tights for an elegant evening outfit and support tights for a relaxed, light feeling in the legs are available. You will also find soft bathrobes in our online shop that you can wrap yourself in, for example after showering, as well as swimwear that you wear the next time you go to the swimming pool.


Bras for a good hold and maximum support

Whether you feel comfortable in your outfit depends most on the right bra. The demands on bras are correspondingly high, especially for women with a large bust. As a specialist in plus sizes, we know the importance of a well-fitting bra: it must provide sufficient support, relieve the back and the connective tissue and ideally be barely noticeable. This is exactly what our lingerie offers you. In addition, the bras are provided with resilient, medium-wide, adjustable straps and a stable, elastic under bust band.

At underwear manufacturers you will discover among other things:

Underwire bras that give a very good hold

Non-wired bras that is extremely comfortable

Minimizer bras with extra wide straps and under bust band that visually reduce the bust size

T-shirt bras with a largely seamless finish, which makes them ideal under tight shirts and dresses

Push-up bras with padded or padded cups for a seductive cleavage

Sports bras, usually in the shape of a bustier and with a racer back position, provide extra strong support

The bras are available in many large sizes and in numerous attractive designs. The range includes simple models in white or natural tones as well as pastel-colored or colorfully printed lingerie. Bras with lace trim or bow details are very feminine.


Info box: For maximum comfort, it is important that the bra fits correctly. Signs of this are a flat bridge and a tightly fitting under bust band that is at the same height at the back and front. In addition, the cups should completely enclose the bust, and the straps should rest comfortably without slipping or cutting.

Comfortable and fashionable day and nightwear

As with bras, the material also plays an important role in other daywear such as briefs and undershirts. Recommended are soft, comfortable fabrics with spandex. This ensures certain elasticity and thus a flexible fit.

You can buy the shirts with thin or wider straps at underwear manufacturers either individually or in practical sets. They form an additional layer between your bra and the top and thus ensure that your sweater or shirt does not lie directly on the skin.

To be comfortable and cozy at night, slip into soft pajamas or an airy nightgown from our online shop. Warm pajamas with long arms and legs, slightly roughened on the inside, are suitable for winter . In summer, models with shorts and a shirt are popular. Made of cotton, they delight with high breathability and temperature-regulating properties. You can wear our lounge or relaxation trousers in the house during the day, for example when you spend a Sunday comfortably on the couch or have an extensive breakfast on the balcony.

Shaping girdles and corselets

The range of shapewear and girdles is very extensive. The figure-shaping underwear puts your curves in the limelight and conjures up a flattering silhouette. Bodice pants have long enjoyed great popularity in the world of lingerie. Unlike in the past, however, they are much easier to put on and take off today and sit much more comfortably. The shaping effect of the waist shapers is created through the use of modern textile fibers. Elastin, for example, leads to a high degree of elasticity, and polyamide proves to be extremely flexible.

The laundry items are usually skin-colored so that they do not show through under tight-fitting, light-colored clothing. However, variants in black or white and decorated with delicate lace elements are also possible.

In addition to the girdle pants, you can find corselets and bodysuits as well as shaping dresses and tops here. These shape the entire upper body and at the same time support the breasts. You will find the right shape wear for every part of the body to optimize your silhouette.


Choose from a wide range of women’s underwear online

As a specialist in plus sizes, we offer you a carefully compiled range of women’s underwear in which you can feel comfortable around the clock. With us you will find numerous bras that give your bust size excellent support and relieve your back. You benefit from a comfortable fit throughout the day. The same applies to the briefs and undershirts from our range. The laundry items are available in many large sizes and come in both neutral and fashionable designs.

For a good night’s sleep, discover fashionable nightgowns and pajamas for warm summer and cold winter nights at underwear manufacturers. To put a feminine hourglass figure in the limelight, you will find figure-shaping girdles and corselets here. In addition, you can get contemporary swimwear with matching beachwear and fluffy bathrobes for at home in the online shop. Tights and socks in different designs complete our range.

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