Equipment Of Aluminum Entrance Doors. What Options Can You Choose?

Aluminum entry doors are gaining in popularity among investors. These are high quality products . That are attracting great interest due to their strength. Weather resistance and unique appearance. Through the use of more equipment the design of aluminum doors. can be enrich and their level of safety and comfort can be increase.

 The design of aluminum door adapted to your needs

Aluminum entrance doors are a premium product characterized by very modern aesthetics. The design of aluminum doors can be adapt to individual needs . So that they best suit the building and the tastes of the investor. The possibilities are not limited to the choice of colors and model from our offer . In the seven groups of monobloc doors we offer a few models that can also be modifie. One-piece doors are a prestigious product whose appearance can be change. By choosing the unique marshal’s staff design, decors or optional equipment. But which elements deserve attention?

Flush milling and edging

Delicate milling is one of the most popular . Discrete forms of decorating aluminum doors. This is a great option for people who like minimalist design, but at the same time want to enrich the door design a bit. The mills are most often placed from the outside and they take the form of the lines that cross the door . Sometimes in the form of horizontal . Vertical bands sometimes making the patterns non-standard.

Our staff – the handle not standard

An interesting element of aluminum doors can become the Our staff. Replacing a traditional handle. The well chosen our staff makes the door more unique. It can also underline their modernity or make it fit better into the aesthetics of the building. Long, vertical Our sticks make of stainless steel are most often chosen. But the bow shape our staffs are an interesting option . Another possibility is the wood our staff . It will be ideal for the doors of a building whose design. Combines classic patterns with modern solutions. Among the most interesting proposals,

Decor – modern decoration of the entrance door

For those who like unique patterns and a little more decorative projects. We recommend the doors with the decors. The possibility of choosing different shapes. (e.g. narrow vertical or horizontal strips arranged . A strip separating the door in half. A large part of the door covered with decors) . Colors allows you to choose the option best suited to the model and building. In case of decors the investor can choose. The color of the decors himself . Too to the standard colors. It is also possible to choose an option that mimics .
The appearance of wood (which will work very well especially in residential buildings. classic design).
Stone decorations are gaining more and more popularity lately. They are characterize by interesting patterns and a variety of colors. In our wide range of decorations there are very varied stone decorations. In light colors (ice pearl), gray with the simple structure (argento). Brown with the invoice that stands out (combre). Proposals like rustic or arcobaleno colors with heterogeneous colors. Decorations of this type are often use on a small area as well on cover. For example half of the doors.
Among the popular trends we can also mention the assembly of aluminum doors with glazing. The glazing not only allows a more original effect to be obtaine. But also allows the hallway to be better illuminate. Vertical rectangular small squares. Curved glazing asymmetric rhombuses can be use. To achieve a variety of glazing shapes. The glazing is make of different types of glass . Including opaque glass, which makes it impossible to look inside from the outside. The investor can but choose the laminate glazing. With ornaments, tinte in mass, reflective, sandblast or mirror glazing.
Optional equipment of aluminum door
Aluminum doors can be fitt with accessories . That increase the level of safety and comfort of the inhabitants. These include for example. Solutions such as keypad or fingerprint reader. Aluminum doors are a prestigious product . That deserves attention when looking for very high quality carpentry. A wide range of models and the possibility of creating your own compositions allow. you to order a door that will be one hundred percent adapte to the needs of the investor. To view the options – you can use the “Door configurator” tool .
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