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Will Jamming My Cell Phone Signal Affect My Laptop’s Internet Access?

Laptops are being used by more and more people, even for office and entertainment purposes, due to their convenient portability and other advantages. In some cases, cell phone signal jammers can be used for special needs such as privacy to protect and interfere with cell phone signal. .. As a laptop user, you need a similar question about whether cell phone interference is affecting the Internet access on your laptop.

To understand the answer to the question of whether a cell phone jammer affects a laptop’s Internet access, first you need to understand the frequency band that a cell phone jammer is using while a laptop is surfing the Internet. This is why. .. If the interference frequency band of the cell phone jamming device matches the frequency band used by the laptop to surf the Internet, it will affect the Internet capabilities of the laptop.

First, look at the frequency band of the interference interfering with cell phones.

Due to the wide range of the signal of domestic operators and the use of many standards, cellular signal jammers must achieve the effect of protection of the entire network. They usually interfere with the 2G, 3G and 4G frequency bands. Like cell phone jammers, they also block WLAN signals, commonly referred to as WiFi signals. Wi-Fi can also be divide into WiFi 2.4 frequency band and WiFi 5.8 frequency band according to the frequency band.

After understanding the frequency bands of interference interfering with cell phones, learn about the frequency bands used by laptops to browse the web.

Laptops usually have two methods of accessing the Internet.

One is wire internet access, i.e. internet access via the Ethernet port, and the other is wireless internet access. “Does jamming of cell phones affect wired Internet access?” If you look at the description, you will see that cell phone jammers are not able to protect or block wire internet access. Therefore, we will mainly focus on the frequency band of wireless Internet access in laptops.

According to the current classification of laptops on the market, wireless Internet access supports one and two frequencies. So called single frequency means it only supports WiFi 2.4 frequency band for connecting to the Internet. Dual frequency means it supports dual frequency bands, WiFi 2.4 and WiFi 5.8, for connecting to the Internet. Most laptops only support one frequency, and some expensive or more advanced configurations come with dual-band internet access.

After understanding the frequency bands of devices that interfere with cell phones and laptops. Those with keen eyes may soon understand this. Simply put, cell phone jammers can interfere with your laptop’s internet access.

 It is divide into the following situations.

  1. Cell phone jammers do not have a WLAN module, which does not affect the Internet access on the laptop.
  2. The cell phone jammer supports the WiFi 2.4 frequency band. This affects internet access for single-band laptops, but not for dual-band laptops.
  3. The cell phone jammer supports the WiFi 2.4 and WiFi 5.8 frequency bands. Which affects the operation of the Internet in laptops.

With the detailed understanding above, do mobile phone disruptions affect your laptop’s internet access? I have the answer. Cell phone jammers can affect the Internet access capabilities of laptops. For customers who need to use a cell phone jammer as a cover, equip the laptop with an Ethernet cable that needs to be connected to an external network to get both fish and bear claw effects.

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