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Smoke Odor Exterminator 

Lookah is the first-ever brand that is giving their customers huge options to select the best one among them. So, in the past, there were only limited ranges of options of coils used in vaporizers or e-cigs. These coils are the sole source of smoke dab provision with the best nectar from the jar. If these coils are of bad quality, your smoke sesh will be bad as well.

Thus, there was a dire need to innovate something efficient. Lookah took a step forward and start researching them. Thus, they produce this masterpiece which is known as the lookah unicorn quartz coil. These coils are huge in their properties and performance. So, use the coils because you’ll get the best smoke shots from them. The unicorn quartz coils also come with the bubbler and the coil cover for protection.

Efficient for rich nectar extract

The lookah unicorn quartz coils are best in extracting the best juice or nectar from the container. These coils are made with quartz that has perfect for allowing the best smoke flavors. Additionally, quartz is a safe material and never provides any harmful agents in smoke. It is approved by the drug authorized and is considered as the product that can be used for smoking.

Bubbler for extra filter

So, the lookah unicorn coils bring a piece of bubbler over it made with glass. Thus, you’ll get more amazed after knowing that this glass is not just ordinary glass but borosilicate glass. The borosilicate bubble with funnel style allows the extra filter for vapor. Hence, you’ll get the cloud with chilled vapes and no burnt smell or taste.

Cover for protecting the coil

If your coils that are the source of nectar extraction from the jar are full of dirt or residues then, these residues become a hurdle in your way. So, the pair of coil cover with the lookah unicorn quartz coils for protecting it against several contaminants. This cover never lets the coil be dry and always protects it from all dirt or contamination. Use these coils with the cup and hive caps to enjoy the perfect nectar shot straight from the jar.

No side effect

Lookah is a reputable and loyal brand and always provides products of positive quality to their customers. So, this pair of quartz coils with the unicorn version has zero side effects. Thus, you can enjoy sufficient smoke shots from the single unit and the best powerful quartz units. There are many other coils like the ceramic one that can allow the bad toxins to come out with smoke but these quartz coils are restricted with any feature of this kind.

No emission and odor absorption

The lookah unicorn quartz coils are good for their non-mixing properties. These are tasteless and odorless quartz coils. So, these quartz materials never allow the smoke favor to interact with the flavor of the coils. That’s why the lookah provides quartz as the coil material because it never absorbs or gives off any blunt taste that can interact with the smoke.

Fast thermal properties

There are a few coils that provide good thermal properties and among them, lookah quartz coils are the one. These are good to go with any type of vape and allow instant heat provision. So, the unicorn quartz coils are known for their epic ability to allow immediate heat in a few seconds without the hot or burnt taste. Thus, people prefer effortless and instant vapes that can become possible with these coils.

How to use these coils efficiently?

There are several ways to make these coils work efficiently for a long. So, here the lookah unicorn coils are available with the pack of bubbler or percolator and the cover or caps. Thus, firstly keep them covered with the coil caps. The second thing is that; use the funnel shape percolator to allow the enhanced filtration for smoke. This will create the path for your coming vape and you become able to dab the chiller sesh.

People often ask

Why are these coils unique?

The lookah unicorn coils are unique because of the added or enhanced attributes. Like the coils cup or hive caps and the bubbler that make these coils more beneficial for implementation. Thus, never compromise on quality because lookah is the only brand that is giving you updates with quality even at the old and reasonable rates. So, get them now and have a perfect beginning with the perfect coils for dabbing.

Wrap up

Lookah unicorn quartz coils are best among all the other ceramic or silicone coils. These coils are harmless and provide the most amazing shots with the best taste retention time. You can even enjoy the taste in your mouth after several hours of dabs.

So, there is the full guarantee that you’ll never get bored of them. It can allow dual dabs and you can change them because it comes in pairs. Thus, what else you can wish for when you have a platter full of delicious options. Don’t go anywhere and only shop from here! Because you’ll get here what you wanted for a long time without any increase in price ranges. 

 Meta Description

Lookah unicorn quartz coil is the healthy alternative to bad-quality smoke coils. These coils are protected with the coil cover and contain the bubbler for various advantages.

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