360° Video Future Of Video Marketing?

In this article, we will explain our vision on 360° video and. Why it is a subject that requires your attention. Especially if you work in communication or training.

What is 360° video?

360 ° video, also called immersive video. Allows you to teleport your audience into another universe. The latter has the possibility of navigating in a scene from all angles. Whether it’s about showing people around, developing their employer brand, or convincing people about a new project… 360° video will occupy more and more of our businesses and even our homes.

How do you make a 360° video?

To create this type of content, two solutions are available to you: 1st solution: Create a virtual universe thanks to modeling and animation. 2nd solution: Shoot with 360° cameras. For this second option, the equipment becomes more and more accessible. For example, you can find them at GoPro (Max), Ricoh (Theta) or Samsung (Gear 360). These cameras make it possible to capture several all the actions at 360°. There are some for all budgets, depending on the characteristics of each of them (visual quality, stabilization, rendering technique, etc.). It is especially the organization of the filming that requires skills and good rigor. Unlike classic films where we can work on storyboards ( each box defines a plan to be filme). … For a 360° project , you have to imagine what is happening in front of the camera, on the sides and even behind. Nothing should be leave to chance! All the details count and this is what may must involving. An expert agency in audiovisual production for your corporate films.

Why make a 360° video?

It’s an incredible way to discover universes. We have been working on this format since the end of 2018 and we are seeing constant changes in this market. Here are the 3 reasons to introduce 360 ° in your communication or training strategy:
1st reason: a growing audience
Since 2017, sales of VR (Virtual Reality). Headsets have hovered around 10 million units per year. The IDC (International Data Corporation) predicts around 40 million units sold in 2022. Even if VR headsets are (in our opinion) the best way to live an incredible experience. Video players like Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook also accept 360° movies. This means that you no longer need a VR headset to take advantage of this innovation. You can consult it via your smartphone. A tablet or even a PC and navigate through the different scenes using a mouse or using your fingers.

2nd reason: brands are looking for new ways to increase engagement

It is in the interest of companies to stand out from their competitors. To do this, brands are looking for new ways to increase the engagement of their audiences. The explosion of the consultation of videos in streaming shows. The interest of individuals for the audiovisual sector. Companies have understood this, there has never been so much content distributed online! Many of them have been win over by the benefits of interaction video. Butr, this refers to a new observation: it is more and more Cinema8 make its content stand out among others on the web. 360° video is thus the format that will distinguish you from conventional videos. It attracts attention, captivates and above all, generates. More engagement for your training, your sales or entertainment.

3rd reason: lower production costs

With the appearance of “General Public” 360° cameras , the availability of dedicated editing software (such as GoPro Studio) and the possibility of broadcasting audiovisual content on multiple platforms… it is becoming easy to embark on a 360° project . This type of project is accessible to everyone! But, if you do not have all the skills required, you risk investing a lot of time in it. In this case, call on an audiovisual production agency. That will go with you throughout the project and. Will offer you a professional and impactful rendering. To these three reasons must of course be add one of the main advantages of the corporate film: realism. Immersive video is tangible and authentic to your audience.

The limits of 360° video

Even if we like 360° video in both production and editing, not all subjects are suitable for this format. Do you always ask yourself the following question: What is the interest for my video to be immersive? If you can’t find an answer, make a corporate film instead. For example, if you plan to carry out an interview and nothing is happening. Around the interviewee, then we do not recommend the 360° video. If you want to film a precise action and the classic video isenought, then we do not recommend it either. 360 ° video is an exceptional means of communication. but you have to think about its interest in relation to your goal. It would lose all its benefits if it was use to be trendy and not to be immersive. 360° video is one of the most innovative video formats in recent years. It offers an immersive experience regardless of where your audience is viewing. Thanks to the proliferation of tools and platforms. Capable of distributing it (YouTube, Vimeo. Facebook, etc.), we even expect other players. Such as Instagram or Twitter to allow its distribution. One thing is certain, the future of marketing will not happen without 360° video. The one and only format allowing projecting an audience in a remote universe, at present. Preparing to produce an immersive video requires time and manye skills. If you want to embark on such a project to train, develop your employer brand or sell better. Contact the Cinema 8 team, we will be happy to tell you.

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