aesthetic PFP

Create your own aesthetic PFP

Create a beautiful PFP.

This guide will show you how to create a beautiful PFP, as well as basic tips, tricks and tools to create an interesting visual image. The best editing programs and tools to help you!

Aesthetics PFP is a great way to impress your online friends. A beautiful, clean paper will definitely help you stand out. You are always fascinated by the beautiful landscape images of your dreams. This guide will show you what your pictures look like. Creating a beautiful and attractive image is not difficult. Now it is easier because there are apps and networks.

Let’s meet him!

1. Draw a picture

You need to draw it before you can change it.

For example, if you do not want to search for free pictures on the Internet. You can use the images in your pocket gallery. Enjoy everything from photography to weather photos!

Find beautiful pictures on the internet to find pictures:

Open: is one of the best places to post pictures on social networks (for example Discord / TikToki), logo pictures and many more.

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OpenClipart: This site is one of my favorites. Especially if you are looking for an interesting animation. I found this great deception here. If you like photography and animation. Highly recommended!
Pexels – another free photo site! There are many free photos and videos to choose from. If you have Discord Nitro, you can download the GIF format from your avatar, if you find a large video of Pexels, cut it, convert it to GIF format and so on. !!

All images above are free. so i want to see, try it. The picture of the cat below is from OpenClipart. To continue the search, enter the word “funny” in the search box and you will see thousands of funny pictures.

2. Edit the picture.

This step is optional and very suitable for those who want to add more elements to their image. With experience and effort they can improve the image, you can add if you think it will improve your images. Try different shapes and colors. before exporting the image

You can make any changes to the image, including:

Disadvantages: There is a risk of noise and confusion in the images of these effective results.
RGB conversion effect: this effect adds a touch of red, green, and blue to make it more beautiful and solid.

Rainbow bows – Looks great when you add a rainbow to the picture.
TV effects: Enjoy television and follow the instructions to find out about TV effects.
Try the most exclusive publications. You will definitely get high quality photos that fit your photos!

Examples of side effects

Option 3

If you want to change the color of the image, you can add a filter!

It comes in a variety of colors and shades. You can add your photos from light green to light pink and red to make your photos more beautiful.

For example, if you want to return items such as red or red. I also recommend this color for pictures, for example, active people can work on nature wonders and help animals. Here are some examples of durability that you can add to make your image look different. Check to see if anything needs repair.

Try adding red and light colors to your photos to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. and try new colors in blue


You can create and filter images using various editing programs.
Here is my favorite example!

mobile application

I highly recommend Pixeller Android! There are large and incomplete filters that you can add to your photos.

I also recommend VSCO, which has a great formula. The color scheme is used to manage online images showing how to create attractive filters using VSCO. light and saturation etc.

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