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Take This Course for Educational Platform is a leading educational platform that offers a variety of free online courses and specializations from top universities.

Take this course has updated its criteria of online course selection by introducing “Online Course Effectiveness Score”.

The purpose of introducing this score is to help learners measure the effectiveness of a course.

This online course effectiveness score comprises 4 main factors with each having sub-factors of its own. These 4 factors are content, engagement, quality practice, and career benefit.

Effectiveness of Content by Various Factors:

We measure any course’s effectiveness based on these factors. Whether the content is of high quality or not, the content is engaging or not. Similarly, does the course have quizzes and assignments to offer? And lastly, whether the taken course can give out any career benefit to the learner. More details can be found here about our online course effectiveness score.

When we talk about Content, we consider many other sub-factors to evaluate how informative the content is? Is the content is really practical? Whether well-structured, easy to follow, and updated.

Similarly, the engagement is not just about content engagement but how well the instructor delivers the lectures that make it engaging for the learners.

Practice is another important factor that provides learners a good opportunity to understand the concepts. Quizzes and Assignments are mostly used for practice but now many platforms are coming with exciting ideas like gamification, peer learning, and open response assessment. Gamification is really cool idea because we can learn while playing and enjoying and that kind of learning is more interesting.

Finally, the last one is the career benefit, a learner receives once he completes an online course. Most people want to do an online course or certification to get a new and better job or promotion at the existing place.

Criteria of Learning For Product Updates:

Every learner while choosing an online course has certain criteria set in mind about the type of course he needs. And we believe these 4 factors are most likely in every learner’s mind. When selecting an online course, each learner has a set of criteria in mind for the type of course he requires. And we believe that these four elements are foremost in the minds of all students.

All these 4 factors play a vital part in finding out the effectiveness of any course. Now whenever learners go to our website with the intent to enroll in an online course. He/she will first get to take a look at the online course effectiveness score of that particular course.

If the course has a satisfying effectiveness score. Then, this is a green signal to enroll in that course and if not then the situation is otherwise.

So we believe this online course effectiveness score will help hundreds. And thousands of learners to get a clear picture of whether or not the course they are looking at is good enough for them.

We at take this course are working hard to offer high-quality educational services to our learners and this online effectiveness score is the result of our hard work.

With that, we have recently updated our Logo as well. We believe our logo depicts the true purpose behind this platform. And urges every single learner to visit our website and find the right course for themselves from the comfort of their homes.

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