The Advantages Of Buying A DVC Contract Of More Than 300 Points

Congratulations! You are part of the Disney Vacation Club “300+ Points Club“. This is a very special group of owners who have an annual allocation of 300 points or more in Disney Vacation Club. As a member of this group, you probably love luxury travel or vacationing each year at Disney Resorts. Either way, as a member of the “300+ Points Club” when it comes to DVC vacations, the world is for you.

What can I do with 300 DVC points?

The simple answer is: pretty much anything. With 300 points to use each year, you can Stay At Disney Resorts & Save 50% With David’s DVC Points several times a year, book week-long vacations in large suites, or travel during the Premier season to any Disney Vacation Club location. For example, a trip to Grand Floridian (FL.) during Christmas in a “Lake View Studio” would only cost you 271 points. After all, the reason you own a Big Points package is to travel where you want, when you want. Or you can take a trip to Walt Disney World for the February Marathon., a relaxing summer vacation, and a trip to the parks to enjoy the festivities without worrying about running out of points.

What if I can’t use all my points this year?

This is a great question. Maybe a year from now the work has been too much and you can only find enough free time to take one or two trips to the Disney Resorts. This problem should not concern you in the least because there are a variety of options for your points and you may even end up earning extra money to use on your vacation.

Option 1: Deposit your Points

Of course, you can always bank your points for the next Use Year if you can’t use them soon. Banking your points for next year means you can have an even more epic vacation year once your schedule and activities allow.

Option 2: Rent Your Points

Thousands of Disney enthusiasts who have not committed to purchasing a Disney Vacation Club contract are interested in traveling to Disney and staying at one of its resorts. So instead of worrying about using your points, why not rent your points to a family that wants to go to Disney? Leasing points is an easy process that can be made even easier through a reputable rental agency like DVC Shop Rentals. Our agents will simply put you in touch with a family looking to book a Disney Vacation Club resort and voila! Just like that, you’ll have earned a few hundred (or thousands) of extra dollars. If you are interested in renting or leasing your DVC points, please contact DVC Shop at the following link,

There’s no question about it, owning 300 or more DVC points gives you incredible perks and benefits. There’s very little you can’t do with your points, especially when you use them wisely. But hey, you have 300 points; you really don’t need to use them “wisely” because there are always more points next year.

Are you part of the 300+ Point Club? Tell us why you love having a big point’s contract and your favorite ways to use your points.

This is a great question. Maybe a year from now the work has been too much and you can only find enough free time to take one or two trips to the Disney Resorts.

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