Advantages and disadvantages of cinema commercials

As you always suspected, it was a conspiracy.

And it worked almost . The cinema near me has alerted online ticket resources to the movie’s start time. The theater operators were happy to work together to. Ensure benches and seats were popcorn polished upon arrival. Set an arrival time so that you have enough time to access the discount counter and find the right place. After that, I came to a suitable place to enjoy the main sights.
But when it gets dark and the curtains open, the theater will greet you with a series of advertisements. Not its main attraction. Sit down and pay attention to strange scenes. Like sitting in your own house and watching your favorite show on TV.

It wasn’t a conspiracy, at least it wasn’t a dark and evil road.

It is a way for theaters to make money and for businesses to promote their products and services. In short, this is an advertisement for the movie and. Is consider by many companies to be the cinema near mein the advertising industry. In 2017, the film industry will have a year of “shut down” and you can see why business leaders believe this. In 2017, he starred in US and Canadian films worth around $1.2 billion. Which contributed to ticket sales worth around $11 billion. Both numbers are down since 2016, but you’re not the only owner finding and finding value in this modern era. “Plot”.

What is a movie advertisement?

Don’t confuse movie ads with movie trailers. “The charm of the future” immediately before the main plot. Commercials were show in theaters before the advent of the trailer. And since the first commercial aired in 1902. This means that your parents and grandparents remember commercials for comedy films. In the early days, editing cinema near me commercials. With rough lines and slides blocking advertisers’ phone numbers was somewhat unplanned.
Some enterprising business owners have tried to get around these barriers. By engaging the audience with a simple quiz that flashes across the screen. Some companies are lobbying for better quality control. Others may get angry. After all, as film journalists say, “often local businesses wanted to be part of the magic of near me.”
The same feeling persists today, as does the smell of popcorn in the theatre
. But, thanks to the significant development of computers and digital technologies. The quality of advertising production is comparable to the quality of functional presentations. One might argue that consumer expectations helped raise this level. As Americans became accustomed to television and television advertising. The length of movie commercials began to reflect their length. Today commercials are usually 15-30 seconds long. Long enough for a to impress.

What are the benefits of movie advertising?

If you’ve never met someone who sells movie ads, you’ve probably heard about how Americans love movies, and maybe how enthusiastic about going to the movies… It’s good to be prepare. They have a point of view. Apart from new movies that can only be see in the cinema. There is no doubt that watching a movie in the cinema near me has obvious advantages. Over watching the same movie on the big screen at home. The theater offers Screens from wall to wall, from ceiling to floor. * Surround sound.

Drop the darkness.

At the same time, the emotional reaction to watching a movie in a group increases. You can laugh at mild and interesting scenes, and you can see tears in sad scenes.
Even owners can find it difficult to challenge these realities. Also. Talk about the benefits of real advertising, not experience.

At this point, you may hear that the benefits of movies

And the benefits of film advertising are related. The synergy effect is like newspapers and magazines. In that, you can be attracted to newspapers and magazines by holding the paper in your hand and turning the pages. These readers enjoy the experience offered by this media. As you consider the rationale behind this argument, think about it. Other unique benefits of film advertising.
Movie theaters often provide a captivating audience
. People pay for tickets and want to be there. Screen images should not compete with a mobile phone, which for many is the best pastime. In most cinemas, patrons are must to turn. Off their mobile phones before watching movie advertisements. Movie theaters are one of the “last frontiers”. Because they provide advertisers with a streamlined media environment to deliver messages. Sitting in the cinema near me is one of the few.

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