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What Maintenance Is Needed for Custom-Made Home?

Many people think that maintaining a customized home is different and difficult from normal ones. Taking care of these houses is the same but with some minor additions and changes discussed in this article that custom home builders advise.

Why Custom Home Builders Insist on Maintenance?

When you are properly maintaining your house monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually, and in the long-term; you will get the following benefits;

  1.   Saving money on repairs in the long run.
  2.   Boosting the value of the house.
  3.   Decreasing Damages to the property.
  4.   Improves quality of indoor air.

What is Included in Monthly Maintenance?

Homeowners have to focus on overall cleaning of the house and tidying the interior and exterior of the house, but also some extra work has to be done that will ensure that the custom-house will remain safe.

Cleaning the Kitchen Hood

The kitchen hood also goes by other names, including range hood, cooker hood, and exhaust hood. This device was installed above the kitchen stove. It has a mechanical fan that sucks up the smoke, fumes, and even grease and throws them out of the house. It is vital to keep it clean because you don’t want the fumes, grease, and smoke to be stuck inside the house.

Inspect the Circuit Breaker

The main purpose of installing circuit breakers is to control the electricity in the house. A circuit breaker will restart after tripping. According to Nashville home builders, if the circuit breaker is not properly working, there can be a power surge in the house, and appliances will be damaged.

Checking Walls and Ceilings for Leakage

The home builders will always use the best quality material, but the suppliers might fraud and provide sub-standard material. Building the house will this material quality is not the builders’ fault. Homeowners have to keep a check on the walls and ceilings for leakage. This will help the housebuilders identify the contractors providing low-quality materials.

Cleaning HVAC Filters

When you are making plans for monthly maintenance, you must clean the HVAC filter of your AC, heating system, and heat pumps. You can clean them with a soft bristle brush or hire professionals to clean the whole HVAC system.

Maintenance of Home Quarterly

Some of the points mentioned in the quarterly maintenance are things you might already know, but they are mentioned as a reminder. The quarterly maintenance that builders, including Woodridge Homes, advise the following points.

Changing HVAC Filters

Regular cleaning of the HVAC filters will increase the efficiency of the units, but sometimes cleaning them doesn’t get the required results. So, replacing them becomes essential after every three months or ninety days.

Testing Efficiency of Smoke Detectors

A smoke alarm and detector have several benefits that warn homeowners about the spread of dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide. So, checking these detectors is important to prevent fires and develop health issues.

Half-Yearly Care of New Homes in Nashville TN

After every six months, the homeowners have to make sure that the house is maintained in the following ways to increase the property’s value and save money on unwanted repairs.

Hiring Deep House Cleaners

A custom-made home demands more focused deep home cleaning because the design and style of the house are unique. This cleaning should include vacuuming the window treatments, carpets, rugs, decluttering, and getting rid of unnecessary stuff.

Inspection of Pipes Around the House

You can hire a house maintenance company to properly inspect the water supply and sewerage pipes to know if there is leakage.

What Does Yearly Maintenance Include?

The annual maintenance of a house should include inspection of exterior drainage, gutters, roof, back and front yard, plumbing, chimney, the structure of window and doors, and attic.

These house maintenance steps have to be done monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly, and annually suggested by custom home builders.

Below are three questions that will help understand the home maintenance concept.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain my new construction home?

Whether you have hired custom home builders or private contractors. In cleaning a newly constructed house. You can start by cleaning the ceilings with a damp cloth or sponge. Thoroughly cleaning the windows and the treatments. Dusting and vacuuming the cupboards, shelves, carpets, light fixtures, and the garage.

The best choice for you is to hire a cleaning company as they will perfectly do their job. If you wish to do the cleaning yourself, you should first dust every surface, appliance, and furniture in the house. You can use water and soap to wipe everything in the house. You should also not forget to vacuum the carpets, rugs, and window treatments.

Why is it important to maintain your home?

It would help if you focused on cleaning and maintaining your house for the following reasons.

  1.   Making the quality of indoor air better.
  2.   Diminishing the damage of the house.
  3.   Increasing the value of the house.

4.   Saving time and money on repairs that are not required.

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