Gamification with Interaction videos? 7 facts

Videos – Over the last few years, many large companies have managed to increase their visibility with innovative marketing strategies; Gamification strategies are possibly considered the most effective since they increase engagement with the brand. If a proven effective strategy like this is added to the strength and impact that a good Video Marketing campaign can produce, then the result is unbeatable. To catch the viewer, it is no longer just for brands to show their product;

it is important to get the implication so that the potential client tries it or feels the need to interact with it before purchasing it. Applying Gamification formulas with interaction videos, we provide the brand with the visibility and closeness that Video Marketing offers, and we capture the user by having the mechanics of the games as a resource, which encourages their participation and makes custom boxes gradually become more involved with the brand.

With this format, companies achieve high virility, which means multiplying their visibility, reaching a growing audience. Logically, it implies a lot of investment, not only financially, but also in time and creativity. It is an optimal format for didactic topics, such as correcting bad habits or promoting learning. It is also often used to promote services or products, help obtain information about the client or even attract traffic to their social networks.

How do you manage to motivate users with interaction videos?

There are several types of motivations that make the user get involved in the campaign, but the normal thing is to get a score, obtain incentives or prizes, challenge and beat other users, among other rewards. Below we show several success stories of brands that have carried out campaigns combining Gamification with interaction videos. Already the Tipp-ex brand left us speechless with its interaction videos in which with different stories of a hunter and a bear,

They gave you different options in the middle of the video to continue the story, from celebrating a party, until they save their lives. The sports brand Nike already used this technique in its day through a video in which the protagonist teaches various exercises and allows you to go back or forward to repeat the posture. This is just the pretext, what you want to achieve while the protagonist performs the exercises, is to show the clothes that she is wearing while she performs her exercises.

The user can see at all times the different tabs with the characteristics of the clothing and accessories of the brand that she wears, and even see its price and buy it. Without the user being aware, they began by watching the video to exercise and ended up purchasing the brand’s products. Result: A successful campaign fully segmented and directed at its target audience that ended up converting visitors into buyers.

The interactive video of the Nike campaign:

The car brand Honda also used a Gamification strategy in interaction videos in its campaign. “The other side” where we see an apparently normal video, but if we hold down the R key. We see the other side of the story, like changing the life of the character. Depending on whether it is day or night. A campaign that impresses and whose virility will last over time. The interaction video Marketing campaign tells two parallel stories depending on the car model. Of course, the campaign is not based exclusively on video, in the same window. Various calls to action appear at all times that will take. The user to the information and characteristics of the brand’s cars.

The video to take a look:

After seeing these examples, we can get a clear idea. Sometimes it is worth spending money on a good campaign. With these characteristics with it, we achieve great visibility. And the positioning of the brand, we get closer to our potential and target audience. Most important of all, the chances of sales increase considerably. Users today are accustom to searching for information on their own, touching, touching and trying products before consuming them,

If on top of that, through Gamification in interaction videos you create a need in them. You make them part of the story and put them in an ad, you already have satisfaction. Happy potential customer for having lived a user experience with your brand from the beginning.
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