All About Chatroulette

You need a webcam to play, but you can only see what your partner is seeing on the side of the camera: face, body, inanimate objects, that’s their choice. The camera shot is displayed on the left side of the computer screen, just below you. The conversation is recorded on the right side of the screen. If your current partner is sick, bored, or rebellious, click the Continue button at the top of the page to remove the interlocutor and replace it with another. This is actually a game bet.

There are only two rules.

You must be at least 16 years old to play and always be dressed. These may look like rational and expected rules, but not all visitors strictly adhere to them. Most of the people I see in Chatroulette are naked, semi-nude, want to be naked, or want to be naked to you. People who are enthusiastic about following the rules often use the report button to prevent abuse. If 3 people report you within 5 minutes, your site will be down for 10 minutes. It may seem like a mild punishment, but for those who self-publish their solutions online, the 10-minute ban can be very strict. Or I think so.

I’ve been crazy about Chatroulette all March.

It started when his friend came to the party and instead of talking to us he spent most of the night on my computer. He moved us to go with him, but then we knew nothing about Chatroulette. All we knew was that hiding behind the apartment, in front of us, was much quieter. “Come early! There is a cute boy from Germany!” He will scream. However, most attention was directed to the bright screen.

Perhaps his self-control was weak, or the Chatroulette was too attractive to deny. Anyway, I fell into his spell too. Overall, March was a very sleepless month. Chatroulette soon became my only addiction. He healed boredom and loneliness and changed the planet. Chatroulette was a miracle worker. It was clear that we would soon be friends.

I designed a routine focused on Dirtyroulette for the night. First, there was the least noticeable academic work. The second was preparation time. Chatroulette is a serious business. You had to take the appropriate steps to make sure your camera was ready. I had to take care of my makeup, hair, jewelry and lighting to make myself look better to strangers behind the camera. The third was to find the right person to spend the night with. He preferred long conversations with one person over short conversations with several people. So I had to choose carefully. I was very passionate about this effort and probably very sincere. I searched for a passing friend with the density of salmon swimming upstream.

Trading tricks

I’ve been logged in to Chatroulette for hours so much that it’s called Chatroulette Pro, so I’d like to provide guidelines to follow (or not follow) when chatting to potential site visitors. One here. First, note the following:

  • There are two reasons why people don’t face the camera.
  1. a) If they don’t trust you enough to get ahead, why do you have to trust them?
  2. b) They try to lure you into a false sense of security, you lose your attention and flash when you type something like “what’s wrong?”
  • People who are already shirtless for obvious reasons.

  • Old Man: There is an old man who can remind you of your grandfather and make you friendly. Until the grandfather on the screen pulls out his penis, and his lips curl into a hopeful smile. It’s not fast enough to click next. This experience stays with you and pollutes all other conversations with the elders, regardless of their intentions.
  • Someone is sitting in a Coomeet the atmosphere is the last thing you want to encourage in a conversation, and the lack of ambient light attracts enough perv.

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