Roof Replacement Process In Florida

When you need to replace the roof on your home, you may be wondering what to check with your roofing contractor.

Your roof replacement project can be an intimidating and expensive home improvement or a complicated repair task. There are many factors to consider when replacing a roof, such as what is the right material for your home, what to check with your roofing contractor, and what is include in the roofing agreement.

Roofing Contractor Quotes

A typical contractor quote would include:

  • Materials: Including shingles, underlayments, flashing, additional formwork, and insulation.
  • Size: Calculated per square foot of roof, which equals a 10 x 10 area.
  • Slope: Also known as the incline. Any elevation greater than 7:12 may require additional equipment for installation and will likely be more expensive.

Types of roofing materials

Evaluate the options in terms of roofing materials and see which ones best fit the style of your home. Asphalt, metal, wood, or synthetics are roofing materials that fit a variety of home styles. Impact-resistant, shingles and other roofing materials are design to withstand damage from hail, fire or wind-blown debris, and are available in a variety of styles. Made from recycled plastic, cement, molded polymer, resin or rubber, shingles that look like wood or slate are available in many colors.

Below are some options to consider.

  • Asphalt: Asphalt has a 20-25 year lifespan, is the cheapest per square foot to replace, and works for a variety of home styles. It is the most widely use option, easy to install, comes in many colors, is widely available and is consider the middle ground among all types of roofs for its insulation properties.
  • Slate: Slate generally has a lifespan of 50 to 100 years, but tends to be more expensive and is rarely use. You may consider this material if your home or property leans more towards a colonial, European or French style. It usually comes in organic or neutral shades.
  • Wood: In general, wood ceilings last between 25 and 30 years. It can generally be selected in natural tones.
  • Synthetics: Generally, synthetic roofs last up to 50 years. Color ranges might be more limited than tarmac, but they still offer options.
  • Clay or concrete: Generally, clay or concrete has a useful life of 40 to 50 years. This is generally a good choice for Mediterranean, Colonial, Spanish, or Southwest style homes or buildings. Clay or concrete roofs are mostly the color of the material or natural tones.
  • Metal: Metal roofs typically last between 40 and 75 years, and can be an attractive option due to the minimal maintenance required. When it comes to materials, options include steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, and tin. Generally, the options are neutral and primary colors such as green, blue, and red. Maintenance of the roof of your home
Questions to ask the roofer

Start by asking questions that will help you learn more about your prospective roofing contractor’s experience and scope of projects. Here are some important questions to ask.

  • What is your company’s official name and physical address?
  • Do you have workers’ compensation and workers’ liability insurance? The former protects you if a roofing company employee is injured while on the job. The latter provides coverage in the event of damage to your property while the work is being carried out. Ask for a copy of the policy declarations sheet as proof of coverage.
  • Will you do the work yourself or will you outsource it? It is common for subcontractors to be used. However, if you do use one, ask for a lien waiver that protects you in case the subcontractor isn’t paid.
  • Do you have a valid license in my state and any pending violations? Be sure to check the information if you don’t feel comfortable with the answers. Ask for a copy of the license.
  • Do you have references you can share?
  • How long is the warranty? Typically, the bare minimum offered by the roofer is one year. Materials should have a separate warranty. Typically, the minimum warranty is approximately 25 years.
  • Who will monitor the work area? Ask for the phone number of the person in charge of the work area in case you have questions or concerns while they are doing the work.
  • What are the additional expenses involved? Does the selected material require any special work added such as formwork?
  • Do materials meet applicable codes? Does the roofing material meet local codes, including fire regulations?

Contract Agreement for Roofing

After you’ve selected a contractor, you should receive a written roofing replacement agreement. Agreements generally include the following:

  • A detailed, written estimate: This should clearly include the number of materials needed and the labor charges. This should include a description of the work to be done and the price.
  • Removal of the old roof: This is the only way to check that the underlying structure does not have any problems.
  • Cleaning and Debris Removal Services: Who is responsible for charges related to cleaning and debris removal?
  • Wood slats: They go under the tiles.
  • Edges – The place where the roof meets the edge of the home—for example, against the chimney—is a potential source of leaks. The metal trim or collector used in these key locations directs moisture into the gutters.
  • Gutter Protection: This clause should state that any damage done to any existing gutters will be repaired or replaced. This usually occurs when stair stabilizers are used.
  • Yard Protection: For example, ask what will happen if one of your trucks ruts your yard.
  • Precautions related to weather factors: Protection for housing during construction in case of rain and wind.
  • Job Specifications: These should include the approximate start and finish dates of the project, as well as payment procedures.
  • Warranty: Materials should have a separate warranty and should be described in the contract.

Depending on the roofing materials, homeowners may be able to get a discount on their home insurance premiums. To learn more, contact Freeman Roofing today.

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