7 Job Perks And Benefits That Will Keep Your Employees Happy

Happy employees are critical for a company’s success and growth. They are the cogs in the machine and hearts of the business. If they are unhappy and have low morale, the business will suffer. To protect the tree of business from blight, it is compulsory to present your employees with benefits that keep them motivated.

In the light of UAE Labour Law 2022, if you want to attract top talent and keep the finest employees you already have, you’ll need more than the conventional benefits and bonuses. While most employees appreciate on-site child care, flexible work hours, and work-from-home days, these programs are no longer game-changers.

Winning and retaining the greatest personnel necessitates the creation of distinctive employee perks. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent workplace benefit ideas:

Catered Meals

Is there a better perk to go to work on time than free breakfast? Why leave the workplace for lunch when there’s a free one waiting for you?

Companies such as Google have had a lot of success by offering free meals like breakfast, lunch, supper, and free snacks. It relieves workers of the stress of grabbing fast food during the lunch rush while simultaneously increasing productivity. Employer-paid meal programs may be a very popular and surprisingly inexpensive bonus.

You can contact vendors from your area’s best restaurants and cafes to set up their stations at the office cafeteria. Employees will get to enjoy the same delights vendors offer at their establishments without heading out.

We can guarantee that it will be a success because everyone loves a variety of authentic, delicious and affordable food!

Free Books!

Employees who are book lovers and can read more than 100 pages in a day cannot resist the Free Book Program. When they have the liberty to order multiple free books and e-books throughout the year, they will feel more enthusiastic about coming to the office.

Starting a corporate library full of books to enable the prodigious learners on your team to ingest vital knowledge is a low-cost and effective bonus for your employees. You may stock the library yourself, or you can ask staff to donate books when they’re through with them. In addition, you can also organize book clubs with colleagues to discuss plots and practice team building.

Pet-Friendly Office Space

The opportunity to bring their dogs to work is a modest but significant bonus for many employees. It may also be advantageous for non-pet owners who like spending time with their animal pets. However, keep in mind that it is critical to ensure that having pets in the office does not affect employees who have allergies. If this is the case, ensure pets are only allowed in the office on days when allergy-sensitive staff are absent or working from home.

Gym And Fitness Class

While gym memberships and exercise rooms aren’t new, today’s businesses are increasing the perk of accessing full-service on-site gyms, personal trainers, and regular fitness courses. Some businesses have even gone so far as to provide instructor-led group yoga courses and walk-in massages.

Gaming Rooms

Some workers turn to YouTube or Spotify to keep them from dozing off during work hours. Meanwhile, others catch up on their social media during downtime and breaks. Then comes employees who are drowning in massive energy and are more active.

To help these employees get out of their chairs, install an air hockey or ping-pong table in a break room. It assists in providing employees who want to dispel their restless energy. Also, it is a brilliant way to blow off a little steam.

Care And Appreciation

All employees love to be appreciated and want to know that their employers care about them. Keeping this in mind, companies can express appreciation in ways beyond paychecks and benefit packages. It will create a meaningful impact. This element has become even more crucial as employees are craving connections and bonds due to remote working models.

Corporate Discounts And Promotional Codes

Since the start of the pandemic, service providers have provided significant bulk discounts to businesses. These benefits include discount codes and promotional codes for taxi trips, delivery services, online courses, and so on. It is a beneficial interaction. You get to offer your workers unique discounts on popular services. In return, firms that provide promotional coupons receive new consumers.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, you must incorporate these benefits into your corporate policies with the help of lawyers in Dubai. They will give you comprehensive guidance on implementing these benefits without disturbing the finances and other sensitive matters. 

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