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Step by Step Guide to Split Screen on 6 Monitor Setup

A 6 monitor setup will provide users with a variety of ways to organize and display their work. A 3 monitor setup is perfect for viewing and editing images. While a quad screen setup offers the user 6 different screens to use. A 6 monitor setup will change the way you use your computer, saving time on multitasking tasks and making your workflow quicker. In this article, we will explore the different options available on a 6 monitor setup. Including how to set it up and customize each monitor. Click here to view more 6 monitor setup options.

Why Do We Need One?

Before getting into the specifics, let’s look at the first question that arises when you start looking at multi-monitor configurations.

Multi-Monitor is better for:

  • Multi-tasking – You can complete many tasks at once with a single application window and without switching windows. This saves time and effort in focus mode.
  • Screen Arrangement – Multiple monitors don’t have to be a central feature of your setup, but you can arrange them in a way that makes your work more efficient. Moreover, by sharing each monitor with an application or even just by saving them as secondary displays, you can manage your workspace much more efficiently.
  • Editing tools – Time is more valuable than ever in digital photography, and editing tools such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Paint Shop Pro allow you to do incredible things with little time or effort. Moreover, it will also increase your productivity.
  • Day Trading – The ability to log in, deposit, execute and check on trades from a single desktop with multiple monitors benefits day traders.
  • Editing images – Although, editing images can be a time-consuming task, by using multiple monitors, you can continue working on imagery while saving time by not having to switch between applications.
  • Gaming – With a series of monitors all in one space, you will have the ability to view your favorite games or watch videos while they are playing without an issue.
  • Streaming – Streaming has become a trend with the advent of YouTube and Twitch. Multiple monitors give you the extra screen to make your setup higher quality. Also, by utilizing each monitor in tandem, you can view your stream, chatbox, or even store advertisements on one monitor while keeping your stream playing on another.


Setup 101

Now that we have learned a bit about the benefits of multiple monitors, we can delve into an installation.

Let’s take a look at how you can set your 6 monitor setup.

Hardware and Software Requirements

1. Graphic card

Make sure to have a Graphic card that supports multiple monitors.

2. Monitors

The number of monitors in your setup depends on how many monitors fit on your desk and how you want to arrange them. This is because your actual workspace will not be as big as the screen itself; monitor bezels, stands, and other accessories will not fit on the same desk.

3. Cables

Make sure to have cables that are compatible with the connectors you currently use.

4. Stand

Make sure to have a stand for your monitors.

5. Power Supply

Make sure to have an appropriate power supply to support all of your monitors.

6. Software

Make sure to have enough software installed on your computer. The most used software is Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS

Setup Steps

Step 1:

Set your monitors on the stand and plug them in. It is important to note that when plugging the cables in, make sure that you are going into the correct ports. An easy way to remember is to go from top left to bottom right, assuming your monitors are facing you for a 6 monitor setup.

Step 2:

Next, make sure to arrange your monitors in a comfortable manner. Remember that since you are arranging the monitors on your desk, the space that you have to work with is not as big as the screen itself. It is important to take into account the bezels of each monitor and make sure they are placed in a way that doesn’t interfere with your workflow.

Step 3:

Now that you have arranged your monitors, connecting them to your computer will be easier if you have labeled each monitor with its corresponding number. If you’re using a Windows 10 system then your system will detect the monitors once connected.

Step 4:

Go to your display settings, for further changes. Here you can change the order as well as picture modes according to your needs. It is recommended that you enable the option of stretch to fit. You can find more details on Windows 10 display settings here

Step 5:

Once you are done with the setup, plug in your mouse and keyboard. Make sure your monitor power cables have a power switch as well to turn off the monitors when not in use.

Note: In some cases, it is not possible to set up all monitors in the same orientation like this. Now you’re ready to start utilizing your 6 monitor setup!

6 monitor setup


From the different options open to you, there is absolutely no right or wrong way of organizing your 6 monitor setup. The important thing is that your productivity does not suffer. As technology progresses, great solutions will come up that can help you make your multi-monitor setup even more efficient. For now, we hope that this article has given you an idea or looked into the different ways of maximizing your 6 monitor setup. Moreover, letting you decide what is the best for your digital media workflow.

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