Most Expensive Hennessy Bottles in the World – List (2022)

HENNESSY is a luxury brand, a type of brand made by distilling grapes, called “HENNESSY” after the French city of COGNAC, where the first massive brand is located.

Irish aristocrat Richard Hennessy began trading the brand in the early 18th century. While serving in Louis XV’s army of France, he discovered the cognac dynasty and founded his own mini-company, which grew over time and was no longer just HENNESSY. It is a luxury, luxurious, luxurious and elegant brand.

The Trifecta brand produced the elegant Champaign brand and the larger bag brands “MUST AND CHANDON” and “LOUIS VUITTON”.

Hennessy, which owns half of the world’s branded products, must be elegant to be incompetent to others, all because of their quality, quantity, popularity and looks. that’s why street artist and social activist “SHEPARD FAIRY” designed the Hennessy “Limited Edition” bottle.

Hennessy’s most expensive bottle

Henry IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grand Champagne (€ 1,000,000)

The most classic, elegant, royal and leading brand in the world is considered the DNA of a brand with all the hallmarks of a good brand. According to KING HENRY IV, this brand is called “Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne”.

This holy drink is absolutely perfect, even the most important, depending on the carafe it contains. Famous jeweler Jose Davalos designed 600 crystals with full diamond cut. And it has a 24-carat gold plated with platinum, weighing a surprising 8 kg. and contains 100cl of HERITAGE.

Hennessy Beauty of the Century Cognac (€ 179,400)

Hennessy’s excellence speaks in the same way as “Hennessy Beaute du Siecle Cognac,” as the broader Hennessy demonstrates. It’s a blend of Hennessy’s most unique Eaux-de-vibe. The flavor reflects Hennessy’s original taste. As a leading brand, it only releases 100 candies.

Croizet Cognac Leonie 1858 ($ 156,760)

In third place in this ranking of the most comprehensive brands, it holds the Guinness World Record as the largest brand in the world. It is one of the most popular and beloved pre-phylloxera blends.

Croizet Cognac Leonie 1858 contains fruity tones followed by extracts of roses and dried poppies, as well as woody tones such as sandalwood or cedar.

Brugero Cognac 1795 ($ 149,943)

The fourth most expensive brand was one of the best companions in Napoleon Bonaparte’s memory when he won battles. In the history of this brand was the most famous and famous French officers, so he was always with Bonaparte’s army.

This Brugerol cognac family is part of the CDG (Compagnie De Guyenne), which allows them to sell the brand under their own brand.

Gautier 1762 Cognac ($ 59,500)

Cognac Gautier 1762 is one of the oldest and most authentic vintage cognacs. He was the first to introduce wax rings, hats and handwritten labels to the brand. The owners established a brand store in the 18th century with the permission of King Louis XV to open a brand store in the small French town of Little Venice.

The bottle was sold recently at a BONHAM auction in New York with brandy, whiskey and rare wines to an online provider.

Louis XIII Grande Champagne Tres Vieille Age Unknown By Remy Martin ($ 45,630)

This brand has a real history; She was praised for her beauty at a royal banquet attended by Queen Elizabeth and King George VI at the Palace of Versailles. This is the crown jewel of Remy Martin’s company.

Recognized as a European publication, Plat Cristal Baccarat presents Remy Martin’s glorious story of Louis XIII’s Grande Champagne Tres Vieille Age Inconnu.

After 1963, Louis XIII removed the name AGE INCONNU because the two brands were a similar blend, they were unique in that the name AGE INCONNU was used to sell the brand outside the United States and the name LOUIS XIII was used for the sale. Cognac in the United States.

Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII ($ 16,000- $ 55.00)

Remy Martin is a company based in Cognac, France. The name of this cognac is St. XIII. It is derived from Louis, the first known cognac known as an independent region in the Eaux-de-vie region.

The latest blend contains 1,200 different Grand Champagne eaux-devies with beautiful oak, creamy honey, chocolate, peel and spices.

Like the other cognacs on the list, it sells in limited quantities and produces only 775 bottles worldwide. The real bottle cleans it in the form of “Carafe Cristal Baccarat”.

Camus Cuvee 5150 (13,500 USD)

There are five types of cognac masters from different cultures; Grande Champagne, Border, Petite Champagne, Bons Bois and Fins Bois. This blend is like a creamy blend of vanilla ink and tropical fruit extracts and has a rich woody or spicy tone, while the sweet lemon makes it pleasant.

Cuvée Camus is the fifth Camus Masters collection. It was issued in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Spirit Act. The Baccarat bottle reflects the unique charm of the king and is still enjoyable as there are limited 1492 bottles produced worldwide.

Lasting perfection for 140 years ($ 13,000)

Hardy Perfection 140 Years is a world-famous brandy blend that surpasses cognac with its excellent product quality and performance. Made by Madison Hardy, known for making cognac.

Antoine Hardy, creator of Hardy Perfection, is good at mixing different types of cognac from different alcohols; Unfortunately, this eliminates one of the pathogens during phylloxera. Hardy Perfection was not created after the release of the cognac.

According to a new study, there are only 8 bottles left in Hardy’s World of Perfection. If you talk about its beauty, generously choose “DAUM CRYSTAL VASE” as described. And the uniqueness of pure cognac is that the natural use of all Eaux-de-lin is 41 places.

Hennessy Ellipse (€ 7,995)

The Hennessy Ellipse is part of the Hennessy Cognac family. Specifically, it is a mixture of seven types of OD that are perfectly selected and installed to balance the balance. Wild rose extracts are excellent, followed by earthy tones, the purest form of candied fruit.

Bottle Name Another name for beauty is the shape of the Baccarat crystal glass. This Hennessy quality never fails

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