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Dumpor: the Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Dabori has become a big name as an anonymous viewer of Instagram Stories over the last few weeks, so I decided to take a look and see what he’s talking about. I want to tell you in advance that this is a powerful tool, but if you do not object, it could damage your reputation or even your security. Here’s what you need to know about Dumporus before you download it.

What is termination?

Dumpor is a tool that allows you to see all your Instagram stories without having to reveal your identity in person. You can also see a person’s profile or followers in real-time to see who’s following them and how many followers they have. Another interesting feature is the user’s location. A place to keep track of people on your site. There are many anonymous programs that pretend to be personal, but none can match Dumpor’s security level. Dumpor was originally written with new code and extended coding so you can compare your characters. We have a zero-access policy, which means we do not store data on our servers.

Read the instructions for use when using Dumporia. We take Dumpur’s privacy very seriously, so it’s our responsibility. If you find errors, please send us your suggestions.

How can it be used?

If you want to see someone on Instant but want to make sure they do not know who you are, Dumpor is a great way to do that. Just enter your username, and Dumpor will display the selected images and stories (if any). You can also see who your followers are and stories from non-followers. You can close the browser window at any time to remain completely anonymous. You have to click to send your social media ID accidentally. Fortunately, Dumpor is a simple tool that protects all customers with what they need or want.

Everyone knows how dangerous it is for people to watch on social media! At Dumpor, we take privacy very seriously. Unlike some of our competitors, we encrypt servers so that we cannot control our data and actually refuse to store IP addresses or personal information (such as phone numbers and email addresses). ).

Why is it useful?

Many people like to search anonymously for older people or other people. They want to see what you’re doing on social media, but they do not want to know what you’re doing. In many cases, this is revenge and trouble. Dumpor lets you watch past Instagram songs and photos for free. No registration is required. Anonymous tags. Do not forget pictures of friends or family members looking for tags near you or other places of interest such as neighborhoods, cities, etc.

Users receive messages in real time via push notifications to not miss anything interesting. Profiles are easy to find because they are on your user list (this only happens when users give you permission), preventing access to unregistered user accounts and creating unusual confusion. Check things out.

Users get an instant message when someone starts tracking them; It works like Twitter or Tinder messages but is available anytime, anywhere on your phone. Users can view selected news from a specific location anonymously via the map interface. If the customer wants more security features, we will soon add face recognition so that their name does not appear on the screen.


Dumpor is a free anonymous Instagram viewer that allows you to view songs and profiles anonymously on Instagram. Dumpor enable Instagram users to search by tag or location to find all their songs or saved songs within the last 24 hours. Dumpor also gives you all user and follower profiles for free. It’s even easier to find Dumporia on Instagram! Why use dump? Share your story personally with others using photos, videos, and drawing tools. And check out the stories.

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