Electric Lubrication Pumps

Electric Lubrication Pumps

Electric lubrication pumps aren’t new, however, they have got emerged as a greater famous withinside the ultimate decade because of their ease of installation, higher controller interfaces, and decrease cost. Two of the greater famous Electric lubrication Pump withinside the Industrial Lubrication Equipment area are the G3 from Graco and P653S from Lincoln. Both pumps are nicely constructed and, in our experience, ideal for a mess of commercial applications.

Lubrication Pump Operating Cycles: Graco G3 vs. Lincoln P653S

Both pumps are presented in not unusual place DC and AC voltages and they’re every to be had in loads of reservoir sizes; 4, 8, 15 & 20 liter for the P653S and 2, 4, 8, 12 & sixteen for G3. And they have got comparable constraints in their working cycles. The G3 is confined to a 30-minute pumping cycle even as the P653S is confined to a 12-minute pumping cycle. And after pumping to their most allowable time, the G3 has to relax for two times so long as its run cycle and the P653S has to relax for 4-minutes. These “on” and “off” cycles are crucial elements when designing a lubrication machine as they can not be exceeded.

The Differences In These Electric Lubrication Pumps:

Lubrication Pumps Differences Lincoln SKFFlexibility:

The P653S is designed solely for unmarried-line parallel structures (i.e. injectors) with an integrated vent valve. The G3 may be deployed for both an unmarried-line parallel or a sequence innovative machine. There are one at a time bought vent valves for the unmarried-line parallel structures and strain comfort valves for the collection of innovative structures.

Models: The Lincoln P653S is available in one version with a general controller. You can not buy a “dumb” P653S to be managed through a PLC. The Graco G3 is obtainable in 3 fashions; Standard, Plus, and Max. The exceptional fashions suggest you could perform the pump out of your PLC or software the pump itself to perform independently. In this category, the G3 is the winner due to the cap potential to mate a G3 Standard to a customer’s PLC lets in the lubrication pump to be withinside the equal working mode because the system it’s far lubricating.

Lubrication Pumps Differences GracoPressure: The G3 is charged for five, one hundred most psi. The P653S is charged for 3,500 psi with an inner strain transfer or 4, one hundred with an inner strain transducer. The 1,000-1,600-psi distinction might not look like tons for a lubrication machine, however, strain loss desires to be calculated to a good layout for an unmarried line parallel (injector) machine. The G3 has a bonus right here however isn’t always a clear winner.

Volume output: The G3 canturng in a most of 0.25 cu in of grease in step with minute even as the P653S can 1. five cu in step with minute; an appreciably extra amount. Even while factoring the shorter working time (12 minutes) of the P653S, the Lincoln pump can the most output of 18 cu in earlier than if have to pause while the Graco is confined to 7. five cu in. In this category, Lincoln is the winner. The cap’s potential to supply greater grease greater fast is vital for lubrication structures with greater points.

Takeaways From Comparing Electric Lubrication Pumps:

When selecting an electric-powered pump for your lubrication machine don’t forget to study all the variables involved, which include bearing type, bearing lubrication amount, deliver line diameter and length, and distribution valve options. All of these (and some greater) depend on growing a lubrication machine that high-quality meets a customer’s desires.

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