LASIK Eye Surgery

Common Questions About LASIK Eye Surgery

Many people were there earlier than you doze off together along with your glasses on and awaken to locate the frames bent out of form, or a lens (if now no longer each of them) is popped out of location or broken. Or, for people who pick out to put on contacts, perhaps your ride to the seaside became going properly till splashing most of the waves led to a misplaced contact, making it tough to peer for the relaxation of your ride.

If you’ve skilled in any of those scenarios, you will be geared up to surrender on glasses and contacts in want of an everlasting approach to your imaginative and prescient problems – together with LASIK eye surgical treatment. Here are six often requested questions – and their answers – approximately LASIK.

How Do I Know If I’m a Candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery?

“The desirable information approximately LASIK is that it’s pretty inclusive, which means many adults are eligible for this procedure,” defined Regina H. Altemus, OD, optometrist at Scheid Eye Institute Penn Presbyterian.  For more info

Before receiving LASIK, you’ll be required to fulfill together along with your eye medical doctor for a radical eye exam. During this preliminary appointment, your medical doctor will examine the form and thickness of your cornea, and the dimensions of your pupil, and test for refractive mistakes together with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and some other eye conditions. Your medical doctor can also test to peer how wet your eyes are and can advise a precautionary remedy to lessen your hazard of growing dry eyes after surgical treatment.

Is LASIK Eye Surgery Painful?

Fortunately, LASIK eye surgical treatment isn’t always painful. Right earlier than your procedure, your medical professional will location numbing eye drops into each of your eyes. While you could nonetheless sense a bit little bit of strain at some stage in the procedure, you must now no longer sense any pain.

Your medical professional can also provide you with any other medication, together with Valium, that will help you continue to be calm and comfortable at some stage in the procedure.

After your surgical treatment, it’s miles not unusual place to sense a mild itching or burning sensation in your eyes, however, it must leave quickly.

 What Does Recovery from LASIK Entail?

After your LASIK eye surgical treatment, you’ll be given a quick post-op eye exam. Once your medical doctor confirms that the surgical treatment became successful, you’ll be allowed to head domestic, however, need to be pushed via way of means of a member of the family or friend. You will now no longer be allowed to force till after your follow-up goes together with along with your eye medical doctor, to normally arise the day after your surgical treatment. At that time, he or she can be able to verify that your imaginative and prescient is in the felony general for driving.

About per week after your surgical treatment, you’ll meet together along with your medical doctor once more to make certain your eyes are recuperation properly. At that go to, your medical doctor will decide if extra follow-up visits are necessary.

While you’ll be authorized to paint the day after your procedure, its miles advocated that you take multiple days off to relax.

You must additionally chorus from strenuous exercising for the week after your surgical treatment, as it could avert the recuperation process. You must additionally keep away from carrying eye make-up per week, as properly. Once you resume carrying make-up, you must use new merchandise to keep away from the hazard of infection.

Dr. Altemus defined, “Several prescription eyes drops and synthetic tears could be prescribed via way of means of your provider. These are given to assist accelerate the recuperation process, combat microorganism, and infection, and fight dry eye syndrome.

Furthermore, she said that “Some sufferers can also additionally revel in a niche of blood at the white of the attention referred to as a subconjunctival hemorrhage. This is not an unusual place and may take into 2 weeks to resolve.

When Will I See Results from LASIK Eye Surgery?

Immediately after your LASIK eye surgical treatment, you must start to see matters from a distance that you couldn’t see earlier. While your eyesight will possibly be fuzzy and hazy initially, it must stabilize and maintain to enhance in the first few days after surgical treatment. It isn’t always unusual for your eyes to sting a piece or to sense a bit gritty and/or touchy to mild after your procedure.

“Patients have defined their imaginative and prescient after LASIK similar to searching beneath neath water. I normally ask sufferers to head domestic and maintain their eyes closed for some hours. After 4 to 6 hours, sufferers can also additionally sense fantastically cushy with their imaginative and prescient. Most sufferers sense very cushy with their new imaginative and prescient via way of means of the following day.” Dr. Altemus in addition defined, “20/20 imaginative and prescient may be very doable with LASIK surgical treatment. However, this could depend upon the severity of your eyesight previous to the procedure.”

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