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The shipping industry is a very competitive and demanding company today. Shipping company is a company involved in the transport of goods and services by sea or other shipping routes. They are involved in the travel business. The shipping industry has faced stiff competition in recent years.

As a result, many shipping companies are now entering into joint ventures to ensure sustainability. These companies provide services such as boat rentals, shipping companies, ship equipment and more. We will discuss in front of the top 10 shipping companies in Singapore.

List of the top ten companies in Singapore:
See Shipping:

Eng Lee Shipping, founded on November 29, 1990, is one of the ten largest shipping companies in Singapore. Eng see Shipping works on the philosophy of providing quality, reliability and reliable service with the most competitive shipping on the market. They are experts in the field of business management, financial management and human resource management.

pros and cons: View Shipping offers services including delivery / baggage service, CY storage / storage, storage of more than 2,000 cells, general load management and capacity of multi-purpose storage equipment. They have partnerships with PT Bunder Tegu Abadi, PT Bunder Tegu Nusantara, PT Bunder Abadi Shipyard. It is one of the best shipping companies in Singapore.

  • Contact:  +65 6533 3222
  • Address: 2 Havelock Rd, #05-07 Havelock Ii, Singapore 059783
  • Email id:
  • Website:

World Wide Ship Management :

Global Shipping is one of the leading shipping companies and one of the shipping companies established in Singapore in 2009. Based in Singapore, it is an independent company established with the aim of entering the field of ship management. We provide qualified personnel and transfer personnel from Asia and Eastern Europe to customers around the world.

Pros and cons: Provides all the information you need about the shipping industry, including vessels / ship operators, ship management, clean water supply, dry port repairs, shopping, shopping grocery, boating equipment and more. The company has a mature and experienced management team to achieve the client’s goals. It is one of the best shipping companies in Singapore.

  • Contact: +65 6635 2099
  • Address: 60 Paya Lobar Rd, Paya Lobar Square, Singapore 409051
  • Email id:
  • Website:

Sinoda Shipping Agency :

Sinoda shipping agency is one of the cargo shipping companies in Singapore incorporated in the year 1992. They provide professional marine-related solutions, including ship supply services, brokerage, consultancy & surveyors, hub agency services, ship conversion agencies.

Pros and cons: Sinoda shipping agency provides top-notch services to all their clients and is most recognized in Singapore. Sinoda shipping agency is a member of the Singapore shipping association. They provide services with a competitive tariff to the worldwide shipping community.

  • Contact:  +65 6227 2711
  • Address: 10 Anson Rd, #15-01/02/03 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
  • Website:

Pacmar Shipping Pte.Ltd :

Pacmar shipping is a shipping agency and marine services provider in Singapore and among the logistics shipping companies in Singapore established in 1993. They emerged top quality shipping in three main fields, including ship chartering, ship agency, and ship supply. Pacmar shipping aims to connect continents and to deliver it at the highest standards and flexibilities for their customers.

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They are specialized in importing European provision products that are not available in Singapore. They follow world trends in the shipping industry and serve a multitude of worldwide clients, mainly focusing on clients inter Asia, Asian origin.

Pros and cons: They strongly believe in building relations by providing excellent quality services and affordable to their clients with satisfaction. Pacmar shipping is working with a vision to be leading in competitive shipping not only in Asia as well as worldwide by going the extra mile in selling high standards to their clients.

  • Contact: +65 6221 3608
  • Address: 9 Raffles Pl, 15-01 Republic Plaza, Singapore 048619
  • Email id:
  • Website:

Singapore Shipping Corporation :

Singapore Shipping Corporation is a well-established shipping company in Asia headquartered in Singapore founded in 1984. They have a qualified team of master mariners, experienced marine & engineering specialists. They are delivering their services with reliability and efficiency to their customers.

Pros and cons: Singapore Shipping Corporations’ services include ship management, ship owning, ship agency & terminal operations, logistic services, and more. It is one of the top 10 shipping companies in Singapore. They also provide warehousing, logistics, freight forwarding, tugging, and ancillary marine services.This is one of the Top 10 Shipping Companies in Singapore.

  • Contact: +65-62204906
  • Address: 200 Cantonment Road #09-01 Southpoint Singapore,
  • Email id:
  • Website:

Global Energy :

Global energy is a leading marine services company in Singapore established in 1992. It is one of the top 10 shipping companies in Singapore that provide a wide range of products and services in marine fuel, regional shipping, ship chartering ship management & cargo transfer operations.

Pros and cons: Their key business is in the trading & supply of marine fuels, transportation of petroleum products, and tankers. They are committed to providing top-quality products and the highest level of services to customers. This is one of the Top Logistics Companies in Singapore.

  • Contact: +65 6559 1600
  • Address: 438 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 119958
  • Email id:
  • Website:

Samudera Shipping :

Samudera Shipping is a shipping company primarily engaged in the transportation of containerized & non containerized cargo through its container shipping and bulk & tanker business systems. lt is among the best shipping companies in Singapore, founded in 1993.

Their services include container shipping, tanker, bulk, and offshore carriers and ship management. Their services connect various parts of South Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the far East, and the Middle East. They have a good track record of professionalism and competency.

Pros and cons: The company has the vision to connect Indonesia and beyond. They are working with a mission to actively participate in creating employment and developing human capital. Their key values include integrity and professionalism.

  • Contact: 022 6659 4700
  • Address: 402,4th Floor, Rustomjee Aspire Building, Sewri – Chembur Rd, GTB Nagar, Everard Nagar, Sion, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400022
  • Email id:
  • Website:

Fastrans forwarding :

Fastens forwarding is a Singapore-based shipping company founded in 2000. They are mainly handling air & sea freight shipments between Singapore and Indonesia. Their services include a wide range of freight services, door-to-door services, air & sea freight forwarding, warehouse services, and more. They ensure the highest standards of customer service. This is among the Best logistics Companies in Singapore.

  • Contact: +65 8587 7761
  • Address: 623, Singapore 389835
  • Website:

AAC Shipping :

AAC Shipping is one of the top 10 shipping companies in Singapore. It is a multiple award-winning global ocean transport operator founded in 2009. Their core shipping services include chattering solutions, fixed trade route services, liner services. They provide services in multiple sectors like oil & gas, mining, energy construction, and agriculture.

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Pros and cons: They have achieved various awards for their excellent performance in the industry, including ‘break bulk operator of the year 2016, excellence in project cargo shipping 2016, best project cargo 2016, best project cargo shipping 2017, bet logistics 2017’ and more.

  • Contact: 800-227-4622
  • Address: Singapore
  • Website:

ALTRON Shipping :

ALTRON Shipping is a shipping company with the motto ‘your needs our priority. ALTRON Shipping was founded in 1997 now recognized worldwide with a good reputation. They deliver all types of cargoes cost-effectively.

Pros and cons: They have a philosophy to provide personalized and high-quality freight services to corporate and individual customers worldwide. Their services include international freight transportation & logistics, projects & freight management, and heavy lift. This is among the Top Logistics Companies in Singapore.

  • Contact:  +65 6325 6500
  • Address: 31 Bukit Batok Cres, Singapore 658070
  • Email id:
  • Website:

Best Shipping Companies in Singapore :

Sl.No. Company Names Founded Year Company Websites
1 Eng lee shipping 1990
2 Worldwide ship management 2009
3 Sinoda shipping agency 1992
4 Pacmar shipping 1993
5 Singapore Shipping Corporation 1984
6 Global energy 1992
7 Samudera Shipping 1993
8 Fastrans forwading 2000
9 AAC Shipping 2009
10 ALTRON Shipping 1997

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The shipping industry is a very competitive industry and evolving with new technology every day. To ensure sustainability, Singapore’s 10 best shipping companies need to be proactive in meeting the challenges ahead. As we mentioned, these are the largest carriers in Singapore.

There are many shipping companies around the world. Singapore’s shipping companies are the most reliable in the shipping industry. Top 10 carriers in Singapore and this article describes the 10 best carriers in Singapore. Here you can get acquainted with the best shipping companies in Singapore. Please see the following companies.

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