On the Way New Silent Hill Movie

Director Christoph Hans has revealed the news of two film projects based on video games. One of those games is Fatal Frame / Project Zero, a Japanese horror series. The second is Silent Hill. Gans said it’s a good time for a new Silent Hill movie and he plans to work with Victor Nadia on this project again.

It’s been 15 years since Silent Hill became a horror movie. Fans received new lineups in the form of Silent Hill: Release in 2012, but they weren’t that impressive. They like the opportunity to taste a lot.

One of the things we know about this movie is that it has an urban feel to it. According to the weapons, the city was destroyed by the Puritan religion. Unfortunately, there is news about the film filmed in 2020, but there is not much to say about the project at the moment.

The formula for success

The original Silent Hill was quite interesting with a few touches, but other game-based movies don’t always work. The reason for this success can be found in the work of experienced composer Akira Yamaoka (John Williams in Game World). Then came the impressive reproduction of the monster developed in the series. But then came the Silent Hill disaster: the apocalypse. The less they talk, the better.

Another 59-year-old Guns project, Fatal Frame / Project Zero, is being filmed in Japan because Guns wants to keep the film’s roots in the house where Japanese ghosts live. Guns is also working with Haddad on the project.

Good news for Silent Hill fans

Silent Hill’s remake is an exciting moment for fans of the franchise. But that’s not all. The news of the two films came just days after Leak Konami announced that it was working on two new Silent Hill games. One of those games is a restart and the other is an episodic segment in the style of Until Dawn.

According to Konami, nothing has been said about the rumors, but it is considering how to process customer comments to show the next title in the series.

Fans are still revealing their secrets

Interestingly, almost 20 years after the release of the popular game, some players are still unlocking the hidden potential of Silent Hill 2 on the PlayStation 2. If Bigmanjapan and punk7890 find a secret mini-map, the player can eventually and someday complete the recovery mission. The dog gets the end. Dedicated teams of developers are also quietly working on creating computer games.

So far the information is limited, but it is clear that the company has not turned down this opportunity, it should give hope to fans. It is the first time since Guillermo del Toro and Konami Hideo canceled plans for a restart in 2014 that the gaming giants have acknowledged that there is still a future for survival games.

According to Invader, Konami’s plans to relaunch the franchise are clear and sooner or later there may be news of one or two rumors.


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