To Fix The Broken Screen Of Your Tablet Or Phone 4 Easy DIY Steps

Cracks on the screen of mobile phones and tablets can be due to design or manufacturing defects, but most often from unfortunate accidents.

The problem with screen corruption and cracking is that it is expensive to fix. However, with a little practice, you can replace the cracked screen yourself. It’s not that hard and it will save you a lot of money.

Third-party repair shops will charge up to $200 if you can fix it yourself at a third of the cost, depending on your phone or tablet model.

All you need is a phone or tablet screen and tools such as a pry bar opener, a screwdriver set, a little finger, and a heat gun. Gloves for safety.

Most equipment is available in a screen repair kit that only runs about $10. For tablets, you will need a replacement digitizer which is available for $50.

Before testing your DIY skills, consider the following:

Do you have insurance?

Cell phones and tablets purchased from luxury retailers that do not cover accidental damage are usually covered by a warranty. That’s why people have accidental damage insurance.

If you already have insurance for certain devices, you don’t have to worry about repairing yourself or paying a high price for the repair.

Does the manufacturer cover you?

Most manufacturers provide warranty and cover manufacturing defects. This includes screen damage. For example, Apple is considering replacing the screen of an affected phone.

If the screen is cracked and the warranty is safe, return it to the manufacturer for free service.

Does the repair void the warranty?

Attempting to repair the device yourself or taking it to a high-quality third-party shop will void your warranty. In that case, you cannot go back to the manufacturer for free service.

4 steps to replace a cracked screen

After you’ve said all, here are four easy steps to quickly fix a broken screen.

Step 1: Damage Assessment

Most of us use screen protectors. Although it has gorilla goggles and built-in protection, it is still recommended to use a separate protector on it.

In most cases, if you have a protector and accidentally drop your phone, it will absorb most of the shock and leave your screen intact.

If you drop your phone and find that the screen is cracked, carefully take off the protector and check if the screen is damaged. The same goes for your tablet. If it is damaged, check the screen for problems.

Step 2. Begin The Teardown

Once you have identified the extent of the damage, you can begin the teardown, and here is how you should do it-

  • Gently remove the back cover of the device and take out the battery.
  • Loosen the exposed cables like the camera cable and remove them once you have exposed the clasps. If you find tape-style cables, you will have to gently tug them since some of them will be stuck with adhesive.
  • Carefully unscrew the Torx screws that hold the back frame which contains the motherboard holding the LCD chassis. Put the screws in a bowl so you do not lose them.
  • Gently pull apart the frame from the chassis. If you feel any resistance, look for hidden screws and cables that may keep the frame attached to the chassis.
  • Unscrew the second layer of screws to detach the front bezel from the LCD chassis. Store the screws in a separate bowl.
  • Carefully detach the damaged/cracked glass from the front frame by using a heat gun to loosen the adhesive. Wear gloves and carefully pull them apart. Make sure you do not break the bezel while removing the broken glass because you will need it in one piece.

Step 3. Change the screen

Now that you’ve safely removed the damaged screen, replace it with a new one.

First, use double-sided tape to glue it to the non-stick part of the board. If possible, you can reuse existing slings. Make sure that the tube does not accidentally get stuck in the viewing area or glass.

Then reinstall the gaskets and foam pads. Again, be careful not to touch the inside of the glass, because once you’ve completed the entire assembly, there’s no way to clean your fingers.

Next, you need to connect the wires and push the glass firmly to open it to secure it. Gently ventilate the LCD screen to keep it free of dust.

Step 4. Collect again and enjoy

All that remains is to reinstall the rest. If you need to remove the camera, install the camera first, then reinstall everything including the frame and frame.

Check for tight connections when installing cables and make sure the vents are open. Count the number of screws and don’t worry if you accidentally use the wrong coal.

As mentioned above, be sure to put the two screws in separate bags to avoid mistakes like this. It is normal to make this small mistake the first time.

After using the screws, use the watch again and make sure everything is in the correct order. A loud noise when connecting a cable or connector is a good sign of a successful assembly.

Final thoughts

If you have accidentally damaged the screen of a very expensive phone and the damaged screen has never been repaired, it is advisable to send it back to the manufacturer or third-party store.

First, it’s a good idea to try the above guidelines and techniques on a phone you don’t use. After a full workout, you can easily fix the screen of a broken smartphone or tablet.

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