Translate a song without knowing language 5 ways

Translating poetry is one of the most time -consuming and difficult parts of translation. The comment writer is not asking for a good understanding of the original language and a good understanding of your language (and, you know, artificial translations into languages ​​other than this native language are rare) , but he is also asking for your pronunciation, rhythm and translation he also has skills. And those who want to write “world” do not act “with their graves closed”. So I slowly said I did everything.

There are different ways of translating an unknown song from an unknown language;

1. Google Translate

Lyrics are the fastest and easiest way to identify a translator on the Internet. As you can tell, these sites are often messy, the machines have no rhythm and can’t rhyme with words. Translated text can be uploaded, displayed and translated in any application. Favorites and settings are under the key.

The audio translation went no worse than usual, and even after the translation, a beautiful female voice read the text.

Camera translation assistance is very useful. All you have to do is create or select a finished image and the app will find text that can be translated for it. If the photograph is a good tool, reproducing it is not a problem. You can then select only the full text or part of it. Real -time translation methods are also not ideal, but it is possible, for example, to transfer songs to another country, which is quick and easy.

With Google Translate, the “lost in translation” value only exists because there is no reference. In addition to complicating the text, an untranslated index without a good understanding of the language increases errors. Direct translation is unique to Google Translate, as it’s often meaningless in reality, as professional translators minimize it to avoid it.

The quality of the translation depends on the quality of the language. As for fonts and target languages, they also affect the quality of the translation. Online translations are based on Google’s data of people who have already translated online, so keep searching for common translations in languages ​​like Spanish or English.

2. Translation from

LyricTranslate is a popular website that provides completely free lyrics translations. Almost every song on the site has subtitles and each song has different subtitles. This site is very simple and completely free.

There’s also a lot of analog that can shoot a few songs, which is an unusually large project. Similar to Google Translator, the lyric translation has a rhyme string and a clear and familiar feel.

3. Library – A mobile application for downloading songs

Translations of all songs in our test rooms are presented in runette form, compiled with the help of the search robot. When launching the app, they created a particularly interesting piece of technology; This means that the music videos that systems create for them are already subtitled.

“I’ve never doubted we’ve chosen the right path. More than 8 million people search the internet for translated songs every month, and in our case search engines are a great channel for targeted traffic. To achieve standardized and targeted translations for Russian traffic, our partner Russian song translation has millions of monthly listeners. – library

4. You’re a freelancer

If you’ve ever needed to translate documents, websites or apps, you’ve probably searched for “how to find a good translator.”

This is a good thing because the internet now makes it easier to find good translators with the right classification, skills and knowledge.

But there are many services on the market that complicate the choice of an expert or company. The “attractive” keywords and keywords used by new customers promise high conversion rates, tight deadlines and low prices. But remember the famous “fast – qualitative – cheap” project triangle: you have two options to choose from.

Unfortunately, as is often the case in today’s market, the job promise may not sound like the latest release. So don’t feel bad if translation is really important to you. Songs are hard to translate.


Translating songs by hand is a complicated and time-consuming process, but the results may surprise you. Performing a song on stage will allow you to see a lot of little things that haven’t been seen before.

The first thing you have to do is you have to listen carefully Check the text before you get into the first approach, and then check with it Capture the overall mood, melody and lyrics of the song Our job is music educational and less than educational There isn’t, but if after the artist we can sing (wash, in solid comparison, that’s enough.)

Now we are reading the text carefully we are looking for a combination of specific words used in the text in a symbolic sense and translations of unknown words that indicate expressions. This is our main goal when looking at content (both visual and contextual, and its totality, if any, of course), we should choose the meaning of your language as much as possible. And the translation is ready!

Manchester-based blogger and translator, Frank Hamilton specializes in professional writing on topics such as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. She also loves to travel and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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