What is it: Swingers Symbol

Some argue that swingers cannot be publicly identified. And if a swinger wants to attract another swinger, there is no character to use. And some people want to know if people they know or are around are swingers (friends, neighbors, co-workers). The swinger community shares a common symbol that can attract other potential partners, and although they have sex with someone outside of their inner lives, they may not date anyone. They are as selective as everyone else when choosing their partners. You can also get a symbol assigned to them that they only use to communicate with other swings. Now we need to talk about what are the swinger symbols to see swingers all over the world.

1. Common grass

The lawn of La Pampa acts as a symbol showing that the owner of this property loves a rocking lifestyle. This herb, the scientific name is Cortaderia celloana , and it acts as the aforementioned secret symptom. However, sales have fallen recently.

2. Pineapple

Swingers send secret messages to reveal their identities and find partners like pineapples. Pineapple has long represented warmth and openness. When activated, the mailbox indicates that a swing party is advancing and vice versa; Prove that they want it.

3.On swings

Wearing accessories such as rings, bracelets, amulets, etc. He shows that man is double, և the mind tries to show him. But other men have their accessories, they do not know what they mean. So the swinger paints the other swingers with French diamonds, adding the “BITE” attachment to recognize them as quickly as possible.

4. Black ring

Many people wear a ring in their right hand to show their swing. To You’s Life These hidden signs help identify other swingers in the community. During the holidays, on different occasions, it can help to pay attention to other symbols, such as this link on the right. If someone comes to you on the right and starts talking և, it means that you are the same և I know you as a double friend.

5. Decoration

Finding other garden decorations in the pendulum can help. The white or purple rock garden has identical arrows that indicate they are open to other birds. It includes pineapple. Garden Gnome means rocking man.

6. Hot pipes

Do you see hot tubs in the garden? It can be taken from the mind of swingers. Another double thought sees that the flood doors do not open. When I was in the car, I closed the door.

7. Hands

Swingers also tie their wrists to show interest in their lifestyle. These wrists are stamped with the symbol. And sometimes recognizing someone requires special attention.

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