Temporary Car Insurance in Edmonton Can I Get?

To own a car and drive on Canadian roads, you must have active car insurance. Car insurance is mandatory for the driver and provides legal protection in the event of an accident. Auto insurance is generally offered annually. Other insurance companies offer six-month auto insurance policies. It is very difficult to get car insurance for less than 6 months. If you are a driver and need reasonable price cover in Edmonton, Surex can provide that.

In some situations, drivers need to purchase temporary car insurance rather than long-term insurance. Let’s take a look at the category of people seeking short term auto insurance in Edmonton.

Tourists visiting Canada choose to drive rather than rent a car. Tourists staying a month or more will find it easier to drive themselves rather than hire.

When transferring ownership of a car, you must have an active temporary registration plate. You must also have active car insurance when you change ownership in order to drive a car. It is temporarily required until the process of obtaining a permanent license plate is completed. If you are transporting a newly purchased car to Edmonton from another county, you must have temporary car insurance.

Younger drivers, especially 21-year-olds, who do not drive often, but sometimes borrow cars from family or friends.

People moving to Edmonton from other counties seek temporary car insurance before getting a car license. You can also opt for daily car insurance, especially if you are moving house.

If you rent a car, you should take out temporary or short-term car insurance before you hit the road. Most car trunks offer temporary car insurance with an auto insurance company or are covered by a fleet policy. If your car rental company does not offer insurance, you will need to purchase temporary car insurance.

If you are going to rent a car from a friend or colleague, you should also take out temporary car insurance. This also applies to people who need a new car.

People who occasionally drive a classic or sports car, possibly a used car, should consider a temporary car insurance policy that suits their needs and comfort.

Experienced drivers are a category of others who require temporary car insurance to meet their legal needs and requirements.

The following are some of the areas of coverage provided by temporary car insurance:

  • Coverage for damages to the vehicle caused by fire, vandalism, and theft of car components.
  • Coverage for damages to the vehicle caused by an accident.
  • Coverage for the replacement with a new car, accident recovery costs, and other repairs.
  • Coverage for injuries suffered or death of another person during an accident that involves an insured car.
  • Coverage for the damages caused to another person’s car or property during an accident that involves an insured car.

How to Get Temporary Car Insurance in Edmonton, Alberta

Alberta doesn’t have government-issued car insurance just as there’s non-issuance of temporary license plates. The law has a provision that people may use the existing license plate but must have a special in-transit permit. The existing plate and registration can only be used for a maximum of 14 days after buying a new car.

Sure will require the following details when you are buying temporary car insurance:

  • Personal details
  • Information about the car
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Duration of coverage
  • Date when you want the coverage to commence
  • Credit or debit card information
  • Any additional coverage features that you may want to purchase

A transit permit can be used to temporarily register a car and you must provide proof of insurance. The 14 -day period during which a transit permit can be used is invalid during the valid period of car insurance. Most Edmonton car insurance providers do not offer temporary car insurance. Possible options are annual terms and 6 -month car insurance terms.

What will happen next?

You have to buy 6 months car insurance because it is almost impossible to find temporary car insurance in less than six months. If you cancel the car insurance on the side, the insurance company will calculate a short -term repayment.

Canceling a car insurance policy is not as easy as you might think. Early cancellations must be notified through available channels, such as an agent or directly with the insurance company. You will get a negative score if you stop paying car insurance premiums and your policy is invalid. This is considered high -risk behavior that results in you being classified as non -paying or bankrupt, resulting in a high -risk category. Avoid expiring your car insurance policy due to late payment of insurance premiums.

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