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With the advancement of technology today, does a person or family really need to have a history of where the car was or where it went? Where did he drive and where was the longest drive? Help users know where their cars are. how he travels Only if the person loses valuables somewhere. He can find it where he followed the same route listed on the GPS tracker key. That’s why Tracking Fox has created something that can help more people track their cars. This tracker will help in many unimaginable ways to be one of the best car accessories. Let’s see what this Fox monitor is all about.

What is a fox chase?

As the name suggests, the Tracking Fox is an OBDII GPS system that tracks the location of a vehicle. There are many interesting features that will be very useful for the user.A good GPS tracker is a tracker that not only tracks the vehicle, but also provides the location of the vehicle in real time. and quickly send notifications if the vehicle begins to move after a temporary stop or if the vehicle is moving frequently. It is important and beneficial for consumers to maintain their vehicle or the vehicle of a loved one such as a parent, child or spouse for their safety and care. It can also recognize the driving style of the driver or driver. GPS Tracking Fox is more than just an accessory tracking device. It also helps reduce fuel consumption and save fuel. Because it can detect the driver’s driving style. And because this is an OBD11 GPS tracker, it connects to the car’s electrical circuit. which actually controls the operation of the vehicle

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This is a universal device that can be used not only for personal purposes, but also for professional purposes. The Fox Tracking OBII Tracker is compatible and integrates with the Fox Tracking app available in the Apple Store and Play Store. This app is compatible with Windows and Android. However, this model is only compatible with post-1996 models. Comes with a SIM card for convenient location via mobile monitoring network.

What makes Tracking Fox GPS Tracker unique?

Many commercially available trackers serve only one purpose and have almost the same options or features to use, which is tracking vehicles in real time. But it is very small in size. Not small enough to fit in a car. Unlike the Fox OBDII Tracking GPS tracker, its built-in OBDII port and compatibility with other accessories make it a safe choice to use as a tracker. This tracker is easy to set up. Just plug it into the OBDII port and it’s ready to use. Other guides It must be connected to a magnetically sensitive surface to keep it touching, otherwise the guide may fall off. Normally this is true, but Tracking Fox is built into the car to hold it in place and prevent it from falling over. This navigation system sends an alert when the vehicle is used without permission or when the vehicle is encroached upon. Impossible Fox Tracker apparently cuts down on fuel costs. This is a very distinctive feature of the Fox Tracking GPS Tracker that sets it apart from other GPS devices, it is like a combination of OBDII tuner and GPS tracker with advanced features.

How does the Fox Tracking GPS tracker work?

Fox GPS Tracker works very easily. Because of the different tools, we will first talk about the functionality and how it works. And this is a fact.

Tracking: For tracking, Fox Tracker uses multiple sources to track or monitor movement. The tracker tracking app is integrated with the tracker cloud server. Cloud servers receive data from cell towers. (similar to the SIM card attached to the tracker) when the vehicle is within range of the cell tower, and vice versa.

Benefits of Tracking Fox

  • It helps with tracking by two sources; cellular signals and GPS Signals so it has multiple sources just in case one is unavailable, other is.
  • It helps in sending alerts if the car gets stolen
  • For car rent businesses it is helpful in tracking car usage and locations it has been to
  • It has cost-cutting ability as it reduces fuel consumption.
  • It helps keep tracks of last 90 days of car location, route and navigation map.
  • Sends alerts when there’s over-speeding of the car, acceleration, or hard hitting of brakes.
  • Sends anti-theft alerts just in-case there’s suspicious entering of someone in a car.
  • It can be switched from one car to another
  • Easy plug-and-play feature.
  • Compactness of the device.
  • Dual features or tracking and fuel saving.


Now there’s a price of the device itself and there’s a monthly subscription and other price bundles and offers.

  • The price of 1 Tracking Fox OBDII Device is $58.14 after a 50% discount.
  • Monthly subscription to tracking plan: $7.58 a month.
  • 6 Month Subscription to tracking Plan: $6.40, which is saving user 15% less than monthly subscription.
  • 12 Month Subscription to Tracking Plan: $5.23, which is saving user 30% less than monthly subscription.

The purchase can only be made through official website and only payment methods are PayPal and Visa Master Card.

Return policy

Offers a 30 day money back guarantee on purchase. If the audience still doesn’t impress the user or doesn’t come out as it should. There is customer support and the money is 100% refundable to the user.

Final thoughts

Fox Tracker Tracking comes as a multipurpose device with many unique and exciting features provided by many trackers. Not only does it save on expenses, it also helps to track vehicles by sending theft, speeding or speeding alerts. Help with GPS satellite tracking and cellular networks. This is a very useful purchase for anyone looking for a tracker or for general use to plot their paths and locations over time.

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