What is Confirmo?

Confirmo is the cognizant, legitimate mark insight readily available. It is the product for dealing with the electronic and advanced signature process, permitting you to digitize every one of your records. The application illuminates, guarantees to get it, and explains any questions for the individuals who need to sign a record. It streamlines each phase of mark obtaining.

A solitary arrangement with a few marks with legitimate worth:

Confirmo offers the sort of electronic mark the most ideal to clients and their report to the board and can be joined with the arrangements that may currently be taken on by the organizations it addresses. With a solitary stage, it offers various sorts of eIDAS and AgID-consistent legitimate marks.

Conveys data in media mode:

The media and multilingual administration give the likelihood to add sight and sound substance (pictures, audiovisuals, infographics, expanded or potentially augmented reality) to the mark interaction. It improves on convoluted data and details and gives far-reaching clarifications that can assist with accelerating the marking choice at .

Gathers information intuitively:

Confirmo Interactive Document Management empowers discourse with the client by making the data way intelligent. Through this device, we can demand data from the client and convey it to outsider programming in an organized manner to expand the viability of cycle digitization.

Guarantees genuine comprehension:

It directs the signatory to answer surveys, solely after the data got has been seen. The application makes it conceivable to create a narrative proof of genuine comprehension, safeguarding the individuals who should guarantee that the data has been gotten accurately.

Incorporates a lawfully consistent electronic stockpiling framework:

The cycle and records endorsed with Confirmo are carefully put away safely in a cloud framework. If there should be an occurrence of need, even numerous years after the fact, everything stays accessible to you, anyplace, whenever, in only a couple of snaps.

Target bunch Confirmo:

Confirmo is intended for all organizations and experts who need to deal with an enormous number of agreements and structures for which a legitimate mark is required. The following is an illustration of areas that can profit from Confirmo.

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