CAC Ratio

Customer Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost (LTV: CAC)

The Customer Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost (LTV: CAC) ratio measures the connection between the lifetime price of a patron and the value of obtaining that patron. The LTV: CAC ratio is calculated by dividing your LTV by CAC.

LTV: CAC is a sign of profitability. This metric tells you if the lifetime price of a patron is better or decreases than the advertising and income prices to collect that patron.

What is the method for LTV: CAC Ratio?

LTV: CAC Benchmarks

If you’re a scaling SaaS enterprise your LTV: ratio must be greater between 3-5. A decrease ratio manner that you could now no longer have product-marketplace fit. A better ratio (above 5) is a possibility to make investments greater in income and advertising. A ratio of much less than 1 manner misplaced sales on each patron.

LTV: CAC Challenges

Measuring and optimizing the CAC metric may be challenging, mainly in case you’re trying to characteristic acquisition prices to man or woman debts or patron segments – how plenty of your month-to-month advert spend or income finances must be attributed to a particular win?

Even on the mixture level, including up advertising and income prices over a given length may be deceptive from a CAC perspective; in maximum instances, advertising and income assets aren’t completely targeted on new patron acquisition.

LTV: CAC Best Practices

According to Jordan McBride, to lessen your CAC and optimize income, SaaS organizations want to optimize their funnel by quantifying every step of the system and expertise what number of visits to leads, what number of leads circulate to possibilities, and what number of possibilities grow to be customers. It’s additionally vital to optimize your pricing due to the fact a massive part of CAC feeds into the recuperation length, in addition to the CAC ratio. McBride factors out that in case you optimize your pricing to advantage coins up the front to get better your CAC, withinside the shape of obligatory training, and integration prices, you may make certain you begin creating an income as quickly as possible.

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How to display LTV: CAC in Real-time

Once you’ve got installed metrics for measuring LTV: CAC, you’ll need to set up techniques to display this and different SaaS KPIs on a chronic basis. Start monitoring your SaaS metrics on a dashboard.