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Marie Cassatt was the first American to introduce the Impressionist style to France. Born in the United States, he spent most of his life training and building a thriving career in the arts. In France, Cassatt met and became close friends with Edgar Degas, a realist modernist and proponent of the Impressionist movement. Cassatt and Degas shared the same artistic goals and collaborated on many projects.

Mary Cassatt Paintings

During her studies, Mary Cassatt and other students visited and painted. One of the first works chosen for the Paris Salon was The Mandolin Player by Mary Cassatt. Exhibitions followed this in the Salon. But here, the art scene in Paris began to change.

Mary Cassatt’s work was quickly criticized for its traditional themes. After a persistent reluctance, he invited Degas to look at his work with the Impressionists. The Impressionists were relatively new at the time, opposing classical art and insisting on adding modern art.

The Impressionists quickly took over, and the French became interested in the work of Marie Cassatt. Her passion for pastels was evident in her work. However, like the Impressionists, he was more interested in light and color’s role in his work.

impressionist style Mary Cassatt

Impressionism is an art movement that originated in France and profoundly impacted Western history. Impressionist painters of the late 19th century opposed the classical style and called for modern art to be integrated into painting. These Parisian artists like to paint the nature in which they live. He has also created works where the elements of light and color are important.

Impressionist paintings depict exteriors and emphasize light versus time, while color adds meaning. It requires a brush stroke and unmixed pigment.

Monet was a leader of the Impressionist movement. He was particularly interested in using light to express the concept of time. Another famous leader of the Impressionist movement was Renoir, who created still images with artificial light, mainly through artificial light. Degas, another self-proclaimed realist, belonged to society and was known as a supporter of visuals. Inspired by the work of Mary Cassatt, she was one of three women in the Impressionist movement.

Like Renoir, the famous painter Marie Cassatt was interested in portraits, especially women. Unlike typical Impressionists, Cassatt’s paintings feature landscapes rather than exteriors. It represents male dominance and gender inequality in societies where only women are at home and men can access public spaces.

Mary Cassatt’s Star Wars season

Mary Cassatt’s Summertime is a good example of the artist’s sensationalism in her work. This is mainly due to the brush strokes and the colors used to draw the image.

This painting is an example of animated characters and landscapes. In the photo, a woman and a girl calmly paddle in the lake. Especially for the impressionists, Cassatt uses red, orange, and blue to show the colors of water. Sharp brush strokes grab the viewer’s attention like birds on a boat.

Following impressionist principles, Kaseda’s painting assumes that background and foreground must live. Cassatt has created this collection in an elegant way that enhances his paintings’ visual perception.

Little Girl in the Blue Armchair

The Little Girl in a Blue Armchair is one of Mary Cassatt’s most famous paintings, a sign of her new relationship with the Impressionists. In the picture, a little girl and a dog are keeping warm. They seem a bit slow. But the backlight and the brush strokes contribute to the silence.

The first impressionist exhibition strip shows a little girl sitting in a blue armchair. With the help of Degas, Cassatt created a sculpture that was displayed during the show.

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in Lodge 1878;

When In the Lodge was first released in the United States. are especially popular among proven invisible men. The canvas has an image of a woman on stage. Her white clothes and strong grip on him froze as if someone said, “Don’t hurt me!”

Entertainment forms such as theater and opera were standard forms in French society. And because of its importance, the impressionists enjoyed painting important aspects of modern life.

The actor is obsessed with the bespectacled lady from the opera and enjoys the performance. The theater is always visible and comfortable in the background for the viewer.

American artist Mary Cassatt often painted the work and depicts brave and independent women. It can represent women in the community following social relationships, but even in this context, it represents women of strong character.


Mary Cassatt is known for her sensational artistic style and love of portraying everyday women. He immediately focused on painting the house