McAfee intel security cancel
McAfee intel security cancel

How to find the best security application for a Windows PC?

Keeping your PC secure is not an option but a necessity today. A user stores his personal and professional data on his system. In an account to secure the data from all threats, you need a good security program. But how do find the best security program for the system? You should check for the compatibility and specifications of the antivirus. Not all security programs offer the same tools. The prices of antivirus plans vary from brand to brand. You should check for a plan that can provide all the required tools and services. 

Top features to check on a security program

Compatibility and budget

 You can only install the program if it is compatible with your device. Search for security plans that are compatible with Windows 10. Now check for budget-friendly plans that can provide various advanced security tools and good prices. 

Virus Protection

Check for a plan that has a good AV-Test score. It should have a real-time protection tool that secures your device from all incoming threats. Whenever the user accesses any file, the antivirus will immediately scan it for malware. If the file carries any malware, the antivirus will immediately remove it. Your antivirus will only open the file if it is safe to load. This real-time protection tool reduces the chances of getting any kind of malware attack on a Windows PC.

Auto-renewal feature

Security programs provide a yearly subscription to the users. Once you get the license, you can easily use the program until your license is active. After the license expiry, you can easily renew your plan and use the security tools again. To prevent license expiry, you can enable the auto-renewal feature. Your antivirus will renew automatically before the expiry. With McAfee intel security cancel, you can disable the auto-renewal feature at any time. 


For network protection, you need a personal firewall. Windows devices have an inbuilt firewall but it is not very powerful. A personal firewall actively inspects the traffic of the network. This firewall inspects all incoming data packets. If any data packet is suspicious, the firewall blocks the network immediately. The firewall also checks the outgoing traffic to prevent data theft activities.

Password Manager

Users often use the same password for all accounts as remembering passwords is difficult. With a password manager, you can create and secure all your passwords. Use a password manager to create a unique and long password for your every account. After creating, you can save the password on the password manager. This manager stores all your passwords and you can easily access them with a single key. Using this tool, you can access all your passwords securely.

Browser protection

A browser protection tool is necessary to keep you secure on the internet. When you search for anything, this tool immediately inspects all the result pages before loading. It shows which page is secure to access and which pages are suspicious. When the user clicks on any suspicious page, this tool blocks it and shows a warning message. This tool helps to reduce malware attacks on the internet.

Safe online-banking tool

If you use your Windows PC to make online payments, you need an antivirus that provides safe-online banking. Whenever you make any payment on the device, this tool ensures that banking details are not getting compromised. This tool also inspects for phishing issues. If the user opens any phishing website, this tool alerts the user. With a safe online-banking tool, you can make all your online payments secure. 

Webcam security 

Online stalking has become one of the major digital crimes today. Cyberstalkers can hack the webcam of the device and can stalk you easily. People often secure the data of the PC but forget about the webcam. Get a security program that offers webcam security. This tool ensures that no one can access your webcam remotely without your permission. 

Secure VPN

Today everyone uses VPN for multiple purposes. This tool allows the user to access the websites or data that is not available in the current geographical location. People often VPN for streaming content. But this tool is also necessary for security. As you know, hackers often use public networks. Using a public network can cause harm to the user. Cybercriminals can easily hack the device and steal the data. But when you use a VPN, it immediately masks your IP address. Now the hacker can’t find your location on the network. When you send any data, this tool creates a secure channel and prevents data theft issues.

File shredder

This is one of the additional tools you should check on a security application. When a user deletes anything from the device, it doesn’t get deleted permanently. Due to this, you can recover the data. But what if the hacker is stealing your deleted data? To prevent this kind of threat, you need a file shredder tool. When you delete the data using a file shredder, it gets removed permanently. The shredder not only removes the data but also fills gibberish in its place. If the hacker or any person tries to recover the deleted data, he will only find the gibberish content. 

Parental control

If your kids are using the PC, you must get a parental control tool. This security tool helps you to improve the security of your kid on the device. Kids know how to use the internet or any application. But they are not aware of the internet and cyberstalking threats. This parental control feature adds security to the device. You can set which type of content a child can access on the web. It blocks all the adult content and other harmful sites on the device. You can also set the time of accessing the internet to ensure that your kid is not spending too much time on online games. With parental control, you can check all the activities of your kid on the device

Other than these tools, you can also check for additional security tools like identity monitoring, online security experts, multi-platform compatibility, etc.