Authentic Business
Authentic Business

Top 10 Tips to Align Your Authentic Business

This week’s article will focus on how to align your authentic business and your passion and purpose. Truth is, the most important question that most enlightened entrepreneurs (Coaches and Authors, Speakers and Trainers, Leaders and Experts), have is whether their business truly reflects their passion and unique purpose. They often wonder if this is the job they were meant to do. Or, “Is this really what I was meant to do?” Or “Is this the business I was supposed to start?”

My experience has shown me that creating a successful business around your passion, authenticity and purpose not only allows you to do what you love, but also makes a greater positive impact on the lives of others. Your mind, heart and soul feel empowered and inspired to live the life you have always wanted. That’s how I feel right now!

How can you achieve the same enlightening experiences? This week, I’d like to share my top 10 tips for aligning your authentic business with what you love and pursuing your purpose. So you can also experience spiritual fulfillment and financial success with your business.

Top 10 Tips to Align your Authentic Business with Your Passion and Purpose

  1. Use the Law of G.A.D.I. Go and do it! – Without struggle, but INSTEAD with integrity and grace.

You will find that your passion, purpose, and business align when you go and do it with integrity, grace, and ease. Your creativity, focus, and productivity will flow. Magnificent material, which I call “divine downloadings”, literally flows out of you. Your commitment to taking faster decisions, asking better questions, and taking authentic, inspired action (what feels real, true, and genuine to you) It doesn’t feel like a problem anymore.

  1. Attract your authentic audience – clients who are looking for you to help them succeed.

Attracting your true audience, your ideal clients, will make you a role model and trusted authority. They will also see you as a person they can trust and look up to.

  1. Earn money doing what you love even if it isn’t your primary focus.

Because that’s how you transform your inner wisdom into outer wealth, and create a healthy relationship to money, I believe in merging money and meaning. The more you are in harmony with your passion and purpose, and your ability to turn it into success and profitability, the less money worries, frustrations, and anxiety will be.

The bottom line is that there are more opportunities and more possibilities for people to work with you and help promote your work. This alone will result in more clients and more cash flow for your business. This is the transformative truth: the more you connect your passion and purpose to your authentic business, you will make more money.

  1. With the best practices, proven models and valuable resources, you can let your mind be enlightened and empower your heart. You only know what is right, true, and authentic.

This could be a blessing or a curse. My husband and I are often driven crazy by my husband, who is also my business partner! Because I wake up each morning feeling empowered, enlightened and inspired to put into practice all these “Success Secrets”, Spiritual Principles, and Universal Laws that make me so passionate, excited, and purposeful. It’s true.

When you know, feel and trust what you are doing is aligned with your passion-and-purpose-based business, you feel ALIVE, CENTERED and CONNECTED.

  1. Your F.E.A.R. can be turned into FAITH F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). Become FAITH. Accept the uncomfortable feelings as you move forward.

It is more important to not dwell on them, wish they were simpler, or complain about them. You have to deal with the situation and trust the Universe, Source Energy God Mother Nature or the Divine Energy God. You will know that your Divine guidance is working and that any discomfort (False Evidence Apearing Real), would not slow you down.

  1. You can improve your skills, talents and natural abilities until you are a master of your craft.

It is not possible to achieve transformational success overnight. No one ever discovers their “God-given” gifts or passions overnight. Take your time to find your true voice, passion, and purpose. Then you can continue to improve your craft until your authentic business reflects who you truly are. You can start by catching a glimpse and then you practice and show up. Slowly but surely, you will begin to see yourself as the next best version of you authentic self. You and others only need to see progress, not perfection.

  1. Be more vibrant and healthy – you’ll be a stronger leader and a more effective creator.

Take longer, deeper breaths, eat healthier, get more exercise, and live your life as you intend. All of these things contribute to a more ENLIGHTENED approach to being, doing, and having. Every little thing counts. Don’t waste time, energy, or effort. Make it a top priority to maintain your mind, body and energy at their best. You are here because of your BIG vision, BIG mission and BIG message. It is important that you live up to your full potential.

  1. When you feel grateful for the positive change you have made in the world, you will align your authentic business with what you love. You will create a lot of different, fresh ideas when you do this. Be confident that you are worthy of it, and don’t be afraid to try new things. It doesn’t matter if it works, be grateful for the inspiration and proud of what you have created.
  2. Believe in The BIG Ripple Effect: Transform yourself, transform others, and believe that other people will be positively affected by your work.

Trust the process, thrive and transform, while also helping others along the way. You create a community (your transformative tribe), where people become your SUPER customers, BEST buyers, and RAVING fan (they “LIKE” you on Facebook, follow your Twitter feed, circle you on Google + and subscribe to your YouTube channel. They also refer others to you, share their work, and much more! Every time someone stops by to tell. You how much they have made a difference in their lives. The lives of their family members or friends. There is a huge ripple effect. You know that your actions are not only in line with your AUTHENTICITY and PASSION. But also make a valuable contribution to the world.