Superb Steakhouses in Minnesota

Superb Steakhouses in Minnesota

Nobody really thinks “Minnesota” when thinking about states with plenty of topnotch steakhouses. But for many residents in this state, they have more than enough steakhouse options to pick from. And if you’re a visitor or a new resident of the state, then you’re morally obliged to find these steakhouses and find out what makes them so special. 

Murray’s Steakhouse in Minneapolis

It’s fitting to start with one of the most iconic of all steakhouses in the state. Murray’s Steakhouse has been operating in Minneapolis since 1946, and it has remained a family-owned enterprise for the entirety of its history. This is one of the reasons why the overall vibe in the restaurant is so refreshingly welcoming. 

Even Boyd, their in-house butcher, has been at Murray’s for the last 40 years. He’s the one responsible for making sure that for all these years, the meat at this steakhouse is unfailingly topnotch. 

Of course, that usually means that you might have to spend a bit more for the excellent steaks here, but then you know that high quality comes at a price. But some items here do come at very reasonable prices, and that’s especially true if you’re visiting the place for lunch. 

But if you come here for the first time, you really should try their silver butter knife steak. It’s one of their most popular items for a reason, and it’s terrific with the classic French onion soup on the side. 

Manny’s Steakhouse in Minneapolis

Compared to Murray’s, Manny’s Steakhouse is a veritable newcomer. It was only launched relatively recently in 2011. But it has skyrocketed to prominence almost immediately with the quality of their meat. And they make sure of this quality, because the steakhouse actually owns its own herd of cattle! They even have a prominent bull artwork in their dining room to remind diners of their “bull to table” process. 

When you do come here, you’re strongly advised to try the legendary bone-in ribeye. It has been aged for 85 days before it’s served, and it’s a fantastic example of the terrific steaks here. 

It doesn’t hurt that the place harkens back to older times, with the décor in its cocktail lounge that makes you think of the Prohibition era. The vibe here is quite welcoming and friendly, while the service is very attentive. This is a favorite spot for power lunches and romantic dinners, whether you stay in the bar or go to the dining room. It’s also a popular spot for brunch. 

Mancini’s Char House and Lounge

St. Paul, the sister city of Minneapolis, isn’t lacking in great steakhouses, either. Among the best of them is Mancini’s, which is even older than Murray’s. It’s been around for more than 70 years now, and it remains a family-owned restaurant. Again, you won’t fail to notice the welcoming atmosphere in this place. 

The place seems very Italian in its vibes, with its supper-club style of dining. It even features live music. It’s a great place to bring your family to for a nice steak dinner, though it works as well for business dinners and more casual meetings between friends. 

The quality of the steaks here is undeniable, as they’ve all been hand-picked from their wholesaler. They then prepare their char-kissed steaks on their open charcoal broilers. They follow that venerable Italian tradition of grilling steaks on an open-hearth charcoal pit. Legend has it, this open-hearth charcoal pit actually came from their old home back in Italy!  

Lindsey’s Prime Steakhouse in Arden Hills

Arden Hills may call itself a city, but according to the last census in 2010, the place has a population of less than 10,000 people. But it feels like it has a lot more people than that. Perhaps it’s because the city is home to Northwestern University and Bethel University. It’s also the HQ of two major corporations, Boston Scientific and Land O’ Lakes. 

And this is one of the reasons why Lindsey’s remain a thriving steakhouse here, ever since its launch in 1958. It was launched by the Linderner family then, and that same family still owns it. It’s that sense of family-ownership continuity that pervades in this restaurant. The overall vibe is very welcoming, with its ranch-style building that makes you feel like you’re dining in a modest wooden cabin. 

The steaks here are relatively affordable, but they’re all very tasty while the portion sizes are generous. The side dishes are simple as well, but they all complement the steaks nicely. Come here and relax, just to enjoy the great steaks in a very friendly atmosphere. 

Final Words

Of course, it may not always be convenient to visit any of these steakhouses. It’s true that for convenience and great value for money, you can always just hop into an Applebee’s instead. After all, there are 47 Applebee’s locations in the state, with at least one location is most of the populated cities and towns. Here, the steaks cost between $14 and $24 and you’ll have a fine meal without busting your budget. 

But if you’re going all around Minnesota, then make sure you find a way to visit any of the steakhouses on our list. The steaks there will really make your day (or your year, for that matter)!