Best Spots in the House to Install a CCTV System

Burglary and vandalism have become prevalent in the modern world. It has made safety the biggest concern, and people are looking for ways to protect family and property. For you to be peaceful wherever you are, you need to ensure that security is in place. One way you can make this possible is by installing CCTV cameras on your property. But before doing it, you need to know the best places to install them. 

Best place to install CCTV cameras in your house

Front Door

When people are visiting your home, whether invited or not, they use the front door. So, it’s important to install a camera at the entrance. It will help you keep tabs on everyone entering and leaving your home. When installing the camera, fix it at a height that no one can tamper with but is accessible. You can use video doorbells as they are best for front doors. In addition, for maximum security, you can combine it with the best outdoor home security system.

Back and side doors

It’s easier for an intruder or visitor to enter your property through out-of-sight doors. In most cases, break-ins happen through the back door. Install cameras in the back and side doors to keep your property secure and know people exiting and entering. Do this if one of the doors is more functional than the front door. For example, most intruders would try to access your home through the basement door.

Rear windows

When installing a home security camera system, consider placing them in a place where they are not visible. For example, don’t place a CCTV camera on windows facing the road; instead, place them on rear windows. Then, in case an intruder invades your home, they won’t know of a camera’s existence. It will help you to keep watch and prevent unfortunate events from happening. However, if it happens, it will be easier for the authorities to catch the intruders.

Kids’ room

These days there are many cases of child kidnappings. So, as a parent, it’s crucial to install a CCTV camera in their room. Also, small children help monitor their well-being from any spot of the house using a monitor. In addition, if you have a nanny looking after your kids, you need a CCTV camera. It will help you know what happens to your kids in your absence.

Garage & Driveway

Most thieves use the garage as their weakest entry point. Having the best outdoor security camera system in these places will help keep you safe. It will help you keep an eye on sports equipment, tools, cars, bikes, and anyone who uses those places. If your garage is not too near your house, the camera will keep you connected, providing safety. If you have a gate, then you need to install a camera to spot anyone trying to get in.

Today safety is not guaranteed, so you need a CCTV camera for your home. Having these cameras will help you protect your family and property by alerting you when there are intruders. For precaution, ensure you get the best home security camera system.

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