Definition of the word “wETH”


(Wrapped covered in Ethereum) (Wrapped in ETH) Ethereum token that is in compliance with the standards of ERC-20 for tokens and are a variety of crypto currencies on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum’s original cryptocurrency was ETH before the Ethereum community embraced ERC-20 that is “Ethereum RFC-20.” Users have the option to “wrap” your Ethereum into WETH and exchange the wETH they have received with other tokens from ERC-20. If people want to convert their Ethereum back to the native Ethereum then they need to “unwrap” the WETH.

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 ERC-20 is expected to become Compliant in the near future  

 The is based on the website Ethereum native weth to PHPwill soon be ERC-20 compliant. Check out the Ethereum Glossary of Tokens and Cryptocurrencies.

The download link is JollyMax

 Philippine Peso to WETH Rate (WETH/PHP) Yearly Chart  

The Philippine peso has appreciated to a higher value. When foreign currencies are traded in the spot market, on 06/04/2022, the exchange rate for one WETH stood at 95,178.60 Philippine pesos, which is -1.69 percentage lower than the time period of 06/02/2022. In general throughout the month the exchange rate was subject to significant fluctuation, with the exchange rate dipping below the Philippine peso at -34.14 percent.

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