Dual Compartment Trash Can 
Dual Compartment Trash Can 

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Dual Compartment Trash Can

The kitchen trash must be a necessity in every kitchen. However, not all trash bins will be suitable. Some are not big enough or aren’t the right size. Some containers don’t last or are brittle. With the number of garbage containers in the market that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It is vital to pick up the second kitchen trash bin. It isn’t easy to pick from a myriad of possibilities. This blog can help you to plan your kitchen by describing the various elements of the dual compartment trash can.

The proper garbage container will provide you with an area to dispose of your garbage and also keep your kitchen tidy. You can make life easier by choosing a dual Compartment Garbage Can regardless of whether it’s a one or two-compartment.

Dual Compartment Dust Bin intended for Home Zone Living

Double compartments facilitate efficient recycling and sorting of garbage. The garbage compartment is able to hold 8 gallons while the recycling compartment is smaller than 5gallons. The recyclable compartment is able to contain just 5 gallons, while the garbage container can be able to hold up 13 gallons. The double bin for recycling at home will have two compartments, one for recycling and the other one for regular garbage.

The double-compartment trash canister designed for living in a home is ideal for smaller areas. It gives ease of access for the corners and sides on kitchen island. The black liner is able to hold 30 Liters (about 7.93 gallon) roughly 7.93 gallons. It can also hold up to 8 gallons. The blue liner holds 20 liters, which is 5 gallon. It is your choice which item should be reused.

To ensure that trash bags don’t fall out, every liner has an enclosed pouch. The hinge reinforced ensures that the lid is shut securely and comfortably. It is easy to pick up any bags that are not full and put them in the elastic.

SONGMICS dual compartment trash can

Its SONGMICS 2-compartment kitchen storage bin is a joy. It is constructed of solid steel and has the soft-close lid that will calm the surroundings. It isn’t easy to carry a trashcan in your hands when you are eating. The basket comes with an electric pedal that can help you lift it.

EKO EcoCasa Dual Compartment Trash Can

Its clean design and brushed stainless appearance is clear and clean. It also resists fingerprints. EKO EcoCasa double-compartment bin is more than just a pretty appearance.

The EcoCasa has two compartments as well as pedals which open up different covers. This allows you to sort household waste into recyclables. Each side is equipped with its own pedals that cantilever allow the lids to be opened quickly, and are constructed to last. Our soft close muffler cover reduces noise pollution!

ITouchless ITouchless 16 gallon Dual Compartment Trash Can

This iTouchless 16 Gallon Double Pass trash can has two compartments that have 2 pedals. It makes it easy to recycle and sort. Each compartment has the 8 gallon bucket. The bag is removed from the container easily. The holes for the bucket grip enable easy removal of the buckets from the containers. They also have lids for step bins that have built-in air dampers will eventually end up being ugly. Kitchen appliances from SoftStep are built of high-quality materials and feature a an elegant design.

The air damper in SoftStep can be replaced, and will perform the same throughout the years. SoftStep will shut the lid slowly and quietly each time even after many years. The buckets inside the car are lightweight and are simple to slip through the and out. It’s easy for you to distinguish recyclable items from garbage. The sleek brushed stainless-steel body can be cleaned easily and is fingerprint-resistant.

Benefits from dual Compartment Trash Can

  • Possibility of recycling and separating garbage by using bins.
  • Recycling is easier with less hassle.
  • Uses more space that two containers.
  • It’s cleaner looking and performs more effectively.


There are a lot of options in the selection of the best dual compartment trash container. There are garbage bins that have only one compartment, while some have two. It is possible to keep your kitchen clean and well-organized by having two compartments.

Frequently Answered Questions

Why do we need two trash cans?

Certain residents must be required under local law to sort their trash. Some people however would like to be environmentally green and begin sorting their garbage. Two bins are the ideal way to dispose of your garbage efficiently and quickly.

How much will a dual recycle container set?

Double trash cans are typically quite expensive. A quality double kitchen trash container will be between $100-$250. In the beginning, the cost is expensive. For that, you receive an excellent trash container that will make sorting your garbage simpler. What is the significance of this? It’s because you and your family members use the litter on a daily basis and is an integral part of your home.

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