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You can read reviews about Tudor House Immigration Services Inc. on the web and make up your mind. They claim to help you get an immigration visa. They are also offering Education on immigration and other topics. These services are offered at a fee. To get started, you should read the FAQs and read the reviews of other companies in your area. If you want to get an immigration visa, you should read the reviews of tudorhouseconsulting.com Services Inc.

Review of Tudor House Immigration Services Inc.

If you need a professional immigration attorney, consider hiring Tudor House Immigration Services Inc. Their CEO Chris Brown is a Vancouver Island native with a background in international education within Canada. He graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Social Science in 2002 and from the University of Northern British Columbia in 2006 with a Bachelor of Education. Since then, he has worked as a teacher in various Canadian schools and is a member of the executive committee of BC TESOL. He is also a frequent adviser to students and is knowledgeable about immigration.

The company is located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and offers immigration services that meet ICCRC standards. They provide a full range of immigration services to help clients get to Canada. These services can help you begin your new life as a permanent resident within 30 days. They will be your immigration partner, acting as your immigration representative, and will ensure that all the legal requirements are met. The service is available for individuals, families, and businesses, and can be completed within 30 days.


Tudor House Consulting – Education offers a variety of immigration and education services. Its staff is comprised of Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants and offers both discrete and integral services. The organization adheres to the ICCRC Code of Professional Ethics. For more information, visit its website. Here are some of the services it offers. We provide immigration assistance, educational consultation, and citizenship applications. Our goal is to help you reach your educational goals.

Christopher Brown, CEO of Tudor House Immigration Services Inc., has extensive experience in international education in Canada. He graduated from the University of Victoria in 2002 with a Bachelor of Social Science and the University of Northern British Columbia in 2006 with a Bachelor of Education. He has taught in Canadian schools for over 10 years and is a member of the executive committee for the British Columbia TESOL association. He regularly advises students on immigration matters and has served on the board of the BC TESOL Association.

Immigration consultations

When you want to immigrate to a new country, you should consider the help of an immigration consultant. These consultants are experts in the immigration process and can make the process easier. Immigration is a complex process, and the legalities involved can be difficult to understand for laypeople. These consultancies have legal officers who can help you understand the process and ensure that your documents are completed correctly. Here are some tips for choosing the best immigration consultant.

When you choose a consultant, make sure that they are bonded and have a good reputation. You should ask to see proof of their bond, and you should check out their references. Be wary of flimsy titles or documents that hang on a wall, and always get a written contract. Never sign anything unless you understand the terms and conditions. In addition, make sure that they are ICCRC-certified.

Make sure to choose an agency that speaks your language. Although immigration consultants may seem like a good idea, you should be cautious of scams. You should make sure that the contract is written in both English and your language. The contract should also specify that you have the right to cancel it within 72 hours. If you decide to terminate the contract, make sure that you get a signed copy. You should also check if the immigration consultant has a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau.